He is also one of the few people aware of Saitama's true power. One Punch Man - Saitama vs Flashy Flash [COLORED] - YouTube We were all expecting to see King & Saitama in this chapter, but it seems like the author wants to focus more on other characters & underground war in upcoming few chapters. Flashy Flash (閃光のフラッシュ, Senkō no Furasshu) is the S-Class Rank 13 professional hero of the Hero Association. He is a former member of the Ninja Village's 44th Graduation Class, nicknamed "The End." An immensely skilled swordsman and fighter, Flash Flash is an S-Class hero. However, Flashy Flash is also pretty rude and prideful, which is what gets him into trouble with Saitama. One Punch man manga chapter 95 has blown our mind, seeing Flashy Flash in action. Since making his debut in Chapter 29, Flashy Flash has defeated a number of high-profile monsters, proving himself worthy of the respect he commands.


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