☔️ New Collection: Gardening additions, Cats & Dogs ️ Hang out, sing songs, and tell stories around the campfire Dine Out These packs are more moderately priced at $20 USD. Victorian, Medieval, Wild West, English & French Renaissances, Golden Age of Hollywood, Because clothing and hair for toddlers is so sparse, I have listed every pack that comes with at least one CAS item for toddlers to give you the widest range of toddler stuff possible, Many of the packs come with at least one or two CAS pieces for kids, but I have listed the ones that either have a main focus on kids or offer a decent number of kids clothes/hair, Teens can wear any of the clothes adults can, but I have listed the ones that work particularly well for making teenagers look more like teens and less like adults, Many packs come with new earrings, but facial piercings are unique to Discover University, A new full-size world with a run-down industrial theme. Star Wars: Journey to Batuu ️ Interact with customers and keep them happy Five ranks of vampire; Fledgling Vampire, Minor Vampire, Prime Vampire, Master Vampire, and Grand Master Vampire ️ New bear costume. Outdoor Retreat Tripod will produce better quality photos and open up advanced camera options, even with a cheap camera or low Photography skill  A new full-size world with a tropical Hawaiian theme Spa Day Natural pools and diving platforms Fizzy drink tray The world of Del Sol Valley is beautiful but is also very small and feels limiting. Slide, jungle gym, and ball pit come both separately and as one large object A new illness system ☣️ Strange neighbours who appear “possessed” by… something Pets can become annoying quickly, especially if you are hit with the bug that makes them constantly sick. Outdoor Retreat  Sims can serve food and drinks with the new buffet table and drink fountain Its biggest addition is the cats and dogs themselves. New costumes for both kids and adults to wear Droids can be upgraded with chips that will help them serve specific factions. Casting magic builds up magical charge but building up your magical charge too much can have consequences, ‍♀️ Spells and potions can go wrong, afflicting your Sims with a variety of curses, ‍♀️ Three Sages for Practical, Untamed, and Mischief magic who can help your Sims become Spellcasters or help train them to become more powerful Spellcasters, ‍♀️ Children can be Spellcasters but don’t have any powers until they become teens, ‍♀️ Children of Spellcasters are born with magical bloodline traits that will help them with magic in the future. Children and toddlers can play in a rocking chair Seasons Jungle Adventure Dine Out The following section lists all the main features of every pack for the game to date. This pack may have placed higher if it wasn’t for the issues. Romantic Garden Stuff, Coastal and/or Tropical  Walk-in closets Pipe organ is a new instrument  Children can collect, train, battle, and trade Voidcritter cards, similar to Pokemon cards in the real world Take photos of multiple Sims together  Build tiny homes for your Sims that offer gameplay benefits; the tinier the home, the bigger the benefits Laundry Day Stuff, Athletics It offers an entirely new way of living on the island of Sulani. ⭐️ New Lot Traits: Hottest Spot in Town, Up-and-Coming Hotspot, Celebrity Home, Seasons ‍♀️ Spellcaster “skill tree” with powers and abilities that can be purchased using magic points Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Children can study rodents as part of their homework ‍♀️ Familiars There are packs to suit a wide variety of interests, so have a look for one that appeals to you the most.  Ability to go bowling with your Sims  New murphy bed in two variations; one with a fold-up loveseat attached and one without.


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