As you are taken though the brightly coloured cybernetic worlds, you use the X button and the left stick (head movements in VR) to select enemies, with a release of the button fires your shot. The Eye of Horus, or the Lion of Babylon—brief bursts of resplendent colour fading into the darkness. Rez Infinite review: "A spectacular sensory trek into the surreal" By Lucas Sullivan 13 October 2016. It begins with a litany of warnings about sensitivity to lights, even without using the optional PlayStation VR accessory, and recommends headphones to boot. Area X was built with newer technology and has a sharper look to its edges. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The basic gist of this ongoing and esoteric Frank Miller Ronin-esque storyline is that man creates AI, AI becomes self-aware, and identifies its creators as its enemy before shutting down. He's largely responsible for the Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry. We never, ever accept money to review a product. })(document, window); If things get hot you have a limited number of smart bombs that take out targets automatically for a brief period. The Quest 2 is fully capable of running Rez Infinite and it looks great and sharp, the way it should. It’s a testament to the developers that the experience remained so comfortable even during vast panning shots of end-of-level bosses, or sharp whips in perspective as the camera showed enemies in front, to the side and behind me. But in VR, with head tracking, it felt completely natural. Rez is a game that rewards percussion and the chaining of shots, with things moving so quickly though the world it becomes near impossible if you don’t take advantage of the resources at your disposal. It's brief, but incredibly potent. Its beautiful stylistic visuals and vivid colours will make you feel like you’re inside a graphic equaliser while amazing songs play. Rez Infinite feels more open than previous games though–it’s a rail shooter that gives you the illusion of freedom. © Each form is more powerful then the last, moving from a silvery figure, to a black and red one sitting in a sphere. Rez Infinite is a special game that simply has to be seen in virtual reality to be appreciated, with its pulsating sights and sounds always exhilarating to experience.Add to that some mighty addictive gameplay mechanics and a myriad of modes to play through, and you’ll quickly find yourself completely hooked to this zany cyberspace-themed adventure. The first level of Rez begins with a cold, digital look that becomes brighter and more organic as you move through the five levels, getting closer to Eden, the AI you're trying to save by jacking into this ridiculous computer system and, you know, locking onto targets and shooting them. The VR adds a new layer on the experience making it one of the most engaging and hypnotic games I have ever played in VR. Even if you are a veteran to the series, Rez Infinite will reignite your love of this classic franchise by showing it to you in a whole new way. You know, the type that Sega got really good at making over the years, right? This means you don’t really control your character, but instead you control what the strange figure before you shoots at. The result is a liquid smooth, fully immersive experience. More importantly, it’s not overly-taxing on the PS4 itself, enabling a 120 FPS (reprojected from 60) HD experience within a fully 360 degree 3D world. You could accuse it of being pretentious, to which the obvious retort is, "Yes, and?". Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? I’m a migraine sufferer, and there were times when the action was so “in-your-face” with such an array of vivid colours that I wasn’t sure if I was in awe or having a seizure. A shining example of how games are enhanced by VR, Can cause sensory overload, especially if PSVR isn’t in “sweet spot”. scp.src=''; It looks and sounds gorgeous, plays brilliantly and for just £24.99 is an absolute must-buy. Much of the problems with the majority of VR experiences comes with too much movement–fast turns in particular, especially with first person shooters. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. (function (v,i) { Clear a wave, you move to the next subsystem. Shooting the obstacles to your own rhythm, building a soundscape as you explore the world. Within VR, this is even more immersive, giving a true sense of space and movement. If you have, welcome back, as Infinite is basically a remaster of the first with some new bells and [VR] whistles. Players will face wave after wave of viruses and firewalls on the ultimate quest to reboot Eden. Visit our corporate site. There was a problem. There are also bonus modes including Beyond – a series of conceptual levels for after the campaign is finished or you’ve played over five hours – and score attack, so for £24.99 there’s still a decent amount of content. Rez Infinite Updated Review: A Sight and Sound Excursion Into VR Cyberspace. Ultimately, it is not the narrative that makes Rez so exciting, but the soundtrack and gameplay which make it hard to put down. Visuals that once looked muddy or faded on previous version of the game, now pop with vibrant crystal clear visuals. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Check out these official review guidelines to find out more about our process. It's a game that you'll probably finish in a sitting, five levels, in and out. Not just on PS4, either; I mean on anything. It's something of an understatement to call this a tumultuous time for Sega, but at the same time the Sega of this era was having something of a creative peak, with inventive, if not outright amazing games landing in arcades or consoles on a somewhat regular basis. But Rez Infinite is the thing we've been waiting for since before we knew this was a thing we could even reasonably expect to wait for. Rez Infinite is a remake of a classic title, and managed to reinvigorate the franchise in ways I did not think possible. What is it? Version Reviewed: European. An on-rails shooter about the evolution of life. Reviewed on: i5-6600k, 16GB Ram, GTX 970, HTC Vive Join us as we wish Abby well using full sentences, one word, and eventually questionable hand gestures. You travel along a set path across five wireframe levels, and shoot everything that you see. That’s not an issue for me though, because the trip is well worth it. Rez Infinite can be played with either the standard controller or the your respective motion controllers. It's about protecting yourself from incoming fire, but also creating riffs through chains of lock-on kills. I liked the Move, Touch, and Vive wand controller’s motion sensing, but there’s no particular negative to playing with the gamepad. If you skip out on Rez Infinite, you are doing yourself a disservice. This changes the pace and purpose of combat. Rez has never looked more mesmerizing or been this fluid. It’s visually impressive without really going overboard. The latest release, Rez Infinite, not only revives the classic and gives it a fresh coat of paint, it also offers players an entirely new way to play with VR. Release, and you'll fire at those locked targets. My second favourite level, Area 4, starts with a single, driving drum beat, onto which more percussion is added as you progress. It can get a bit hectic, but mostly it’s a kind of sight and sound excursion into cyberspace (which is basically the plot.) You will receive a verification email shortly. I have thought about this videogame a lot over the past 15 years. Rez Infinite is the best game on PlayStation VR right now. Of course, this won’t affect everyone, but it’ll definitely be too much for some at times. Copyright 2019 UVR Media LLC. The visual spectacle also wouldn’t be half as excellent if the soundtrack wasn’t so great. Each time the X button is pressed, it adds music, be it a strike of a snare or kick of the bass drum, and it builds upon Rez’s iconic synaesthetic immersion. With the ability to focus with a helmet on, all outside stimuli and distractions are gone, and odds are you're using headphones by virtue of having the thing on your head. to tease players with a brand new level and gameplay style that only serves to make you want that grand, full sequel, feels great and right on a portable VR-only device. At its core, Rez is all about the chill. Are you with me so far? Rez Infinite review This rhythm shooter offers big ideas and an excellent soundtrack. And what an experience it is. A lock-on mechanic and bombs -- that's all you'll get in this on-rails rhythm shoot-'em-up that still hasn't been matched today. Granted, these are a few of the most intense sessions I had because of how different fights are with room-scale VR. Publisher: Enhance Games Rez Infinite is a remake of the classic game, built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 and the PSVR setup. Even if you don’t have a PSVR, Rez Infinite is still the most complete version of an imaginative cult classic with deceptively nuanced gameplay. If Rez Infinite is your first experience in virtual reality, prepare to peak in every sense of the word. Rez Infinite continues to be a magical experience, and the PC version proves to be the best version of the game yet thanks to new control schemes and native support for 4K capable monitors.


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