The whole country underwent a dreadful trial. Another famous monastery is Valaam, which stands on the verdant islands of Lake Ladoga. At the same time, a merciless war was unleashed against the Church. You will be freed from the depression, anxiety, and all of your fears. The journey by train lasted a month. They crossed into the Arctic Circle and arrived at the village of Plakhino, which had fifteen inhabitants. He worked mainly on scientific research, which consumed him. Unlike prayers, meditation does not have any unfavorable undertone connected to it. You limit yourself from having unfavorable thoughts. Prayer and meditation might have their distinctions, however they have a similar influence on people. In the end, they freed him in November, 1925. It wants to remind us that, whereas the various religions or ideologies spread via propaganda, violence or oppression, the Church of Christ won people’s hearts through weakness, the blood of Christ and the saints, martyrdom and witness. Both things help in making a connection with God. Valentin. Is it only one day or some particular time when we should pray? His memory is kept on June 11. In total he covered more than 2,000 kilometres. A woman who was present later related: “Lots of people had gathered… We saw him from a distance. Even Jesus Christ utilized to pray to God. For meditation, you have to being in a specific posture and remain in isolation. He listens to everybody and grants us what He believes is best for us. They gave them tools and told them to dig a large hole. He wanted to understand the pus mechanism in the greatest detail, and wrote to his son: “I’m making astounding discoveries. In the land of Palestine, there are two rivers and a lake. 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In the 20th century, the Russian Church underwent its own harsh martyrdom. He operated non-stop and the residents of the town loved him greatly. There must have been times when you were so susceptible and broken that you wanted God to be with you, right by your side. Indeed, among other operations was a very successful one he performed for a cataract. • Try to find signs that might be an answer from God. On the day of the funeral, however, there came an urgent telegram from Moscow, forbidding the cortège from passing along the central streets. Its implementation had already begun, but, because there were no specialist anaesthetists nor, indeed, appropriate facilities, general anaesthesia was actually more dangerous than the operation itself. They recognized his enormous scientific, social and patriotic contribution, but could not tolerate his sermons and pastoral work. It is God that we need throughout hard times. He is the one who takes us out of difficulties and makes things simpler for us. It was 11 June 1961, the day of All  the Saints of Russia. What had the greatest influence on his soul was the famous monastery of the Pecherskaya Lavra- the Monastery of the Caves. In some mysterious way, the skulls become moist. They are here to secure us and to guide us through challenges. He sent a telegram to Stalin asking that the money be distributed to war orphans. The ceremony took place in Moscow. Christians hope too. But the more their love for him increased, the greater was the hatred of the authorities towards him. He had an icon of Christ and the Mother of God hanging on the wall, with an icon-lamp in front. Since it was impossible to escape from, the Solovetsky monastery was an ideal location for a prison camp. They were dragging him by his beard, as if he was some kind of miscreant. In Krasnoyarsk, trains would arrive full of wounded soldiers with infected wounds. Professor Polianov declared that: “Our country does not have any other such book with so much knowledge of surgery and so much love for people”. You have to let go off your unfavorable thoughts. Millions of people were in the camps and worked at forced labour. In Colossians 10-14 speaks of those friends who are with him. God says “ask from me, I will approve it”. They arrived in Yeniseisk in the depths of winter. There are instances in every person's life when it seems that a problem is insurmountable or a cross is unbearable. There was no electricity nor X-ray equipment. Initially he enrolled in the School of Law, but stopped after a year. A pure heart who pursued the truth with passion”. In the ecclesiastical sphere, he made tremendous efforts to reorganize his province. For seven decades an untold number of martyrs and confessors gave their blood in their own witness on the cross. From there onwards, things became even more dangerous because of brigands.


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