INTO THE FUTURE. “Sometimes there are results I don’t want to deliver, but I explain options to try to solve the issue,” he said. Two-Piece. Prior to the brewery’s purchase of this equipment, “I had personally gone through an entire pallet of beer looking for a leak,” he said. The vorlaufing (recirculating) of the mash in a lauter tun then clarifies the wort and sets the filter bed. 19 All told, the impact can be major: a recent study found that if the State University of New York, a network of 64 schools across the state, spent 25 percent of its food dollars on fresh foods grown in state, it would create $54 million in economic output. Although the production areas of the microbrewery are not air conditioned, primarily because of the heat and the CO2 that can build up in the brewing process, the areas are kept at a relatively comfortable temperature. They have 42 regional general merchandise distribution centers in the United States totaling 50.1 million square feet. Then when the opportunity came along to purchase an acre and a half of land in West Nashville, Bredesen decided it would be a great fit for a new state-of-the-art facility which would enable growth. Considerations for Assessment, An Investigation of Sustainable Power Generation from Oil Palm Biomass: A Case Study in Sarawak, What Is Local or Global about Wine? That is, it could be that healthier people tend to prefer shopping at farmers markets rather than that eating local makes them healthier. But there are challenges involved in bringing local food back to scale. Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of articles and spoken at conferences about current issues and trends in food safety and quality. The lawsuit seeks a court order for USDA to finalize and issue the regulations as soon as reasonably practicable, according to a court-ordered timeline, and for the court to retain jurisdiction to ensure compliance with its decree, “thereby ensuring consumers are afforded free choice as well as the right to transparency and full disclosure in the marketplace.” ( Whether one is taking products direct to the consumer or feeding them through the international supply chain, pests can be an issue. Preserving open space is another benefit of viable, small farms, as land is used for growing food rather than developed for a strip mall. But whether or not your company is quite ready to jump into the weeds, we all, as the food industry, need to understand this emerging edibles market — which could even be using your product as an ingredient. As an example, take coffee. “Having a stylistic, clean, consistent brand and having a ‘Wow me!’ beer.”. “Drew was my first really significant hire,” Bredesen said, and he was hired because of his passion for beer and brewing. Those qualities, along with shorter distances from farm to table, will also contribute to lower emissions compared to the “average” diet. Although I am not prone to using this column as self-promotion, I do feel I need to relay our new HashTAG division — both as a matter of disclosure, and because there is such a need for food safety consultation and development in this fast-growing industry. While careful to state that it is not approving marijuana as a whole “as a safe and effective drug for any indication,” it “is aware that there is considerable interest in the use of marijuana to attempt to treat a number of medical conditions,” and the agency “supports those in the medical research community who intend to study marijuana.” That is certainly a step forward toward at least specified medical uses. Shoppers, by and large, have more options available than ever before, thanks to today’s connected world. Comparison is therefore most meaningful when presented on a local (farmhouse)/global (creamery) continuum. “Is sustainability keeping grass green or providing food that lasts a lifetime?”. To scale up a local and regional food system so that local food is available in supermarkets and is accessible to everyone (not just those with access to farmers’ markets) requires infrastructure beyond farmers and buyers.


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