Sugar Wine Glass Tutorial NO SILICONE MOLDS NEEDED! 2) Heat a medium heat until the crystals melt. Flatten to form a disc that has even thickness all the way around. And sorry this is such a long video... there's just so much to explain ;)See original sugar bowl video here: uranium depression glass video:\u0026t=98sEmail me directly at: Otchcakes@yahoo.comFor more tutorials visit: HowToCAKEThat.comTo purchase shell and shine spray visit: All you need are a few supplies you may already have around the house! 250 worked great for me for this project, but it did get thick toward the end of making the glass which was wonderful for when it was time to make the stem :). Always touching the bottom of the pan while you stir (this decreases bubble formation) 3) Let it come to a boil then time it for 1 minute. - YouTube Fill a large bowl … How to Use Isomalt in Molds . Preparing Isomalt Syrup from Crystals Prepare a bowl of ice water. After filling, wait until the isomalt is cool and pop the design out of the mold. Pour the isomalt into the mold evenly or use a toothpick or thin dowel to fill very small molds. Using toothpicks or wooden dowels makes clean up much easier. 2/3 cup isomalt crystals. Gently stir with a silicone spatula or spoon. NOTE: If your melted isomalt is not staying soft enough in the oven, the temperature can be increased up to 270 degrees (F). Melt isomalt and cool it down on a silicone mat the same as you did for the isomalt curls. Isomalt is very sticky and hard to remove from anything it touches. Wrap the disc around the brass fitting on your sugar blower. Work it in your hands just a little and roll it into a ball. 1) Place isomalt crystals in a nonstick or steel saucepan. And I forgot to mention in the video to return the isomalt to the oven when not in use until the project is complete ;)Learn how to make this realistic isomalt wine glass without using a silicone mold!


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