If you do go this route, "Only dip your nail tips in the bowl to avoid drying out the rest of your skin on fingers and hands," says Birnur Aral, Director of the Beauty Lab at Good Housekeeping. Your nails will likely feel very dry after this entire process, so rehydrating them back to health is crucial. Johnson suggests Essie Treat Love and Color, a treatment and color in one made with collagen and camelia extract to repair damaged nails. You are advised to keep some potion of the acrylic nails unglued while applying them so as they may easily get removed when you dip them in warm water. But if your nails feel extremely weak from your acrylics, opt for a strengthening treatment. And although it might be tempting to put the acetone in the microwave to further expedite the process, DON'T — acetone is flammable. “Just keep in mind that your natural nails are delicate and their purpose is to secure very sensitive nail beds so you don’t want any damage as it may cause pain and discomfort for a long time.”. Then, you should use the filing side of the buffer to file down as much of the acrylic from your nails as possible. If you go too fast or hard you might cause pain or bleeding of your nails. You might have to repeat this step if it seems like the acrylic has not softened. "Usually this results in thin, flimsy, damaged nails, which last for months until they grow out," Walker says. (Friendly reminder: Do not microwave acetone, as it is flammable.) The first approach that you can use in order to remove the acrylic nails is to take some acetone in a bowl and soak up your nails in it. After removing the acrylic, use a buff tool to reshape a little torn appearance of the nails and apply cuticle oil/cream and moisturizer. You have to be careful in guiding your partner in this method, because if he/she is pulling too hardly or giving jerks, it can cause damage or break your natural nail. Stock up on the below: Follow this step-by-step process for removing acrylic nails for the most success at home. Oh, and remember, patience is a virtue. “Cover your nails with cuticle oil and cuticle cream, then wrap each hand in a warm washcloth for five minutes,” says manicurist Deborah Lippmann, founder of Deborah Lippmann nail collection. Using sharp nail clippers, cut down your extensions, leaving about two centimeters of nail above your nail bed for safety. This Genius DIY Trick Will Fix Your Broken Nail, How to Perfectly Shape and Fill in Your Eyebrows. This is the fastest and easiest way to get down to your natural nail length, says nail artist Ashlie Johnson. So, when the polish starts to crack or nails begin to break, it's officially time to start fresh. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 10 Best Cuticle Removers to Smooth Rough Skin, 20 Winter Nail Designs to Spice up Your Routine, 15 Nail Designs to Get in the School Spirit, 40 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Fall. Ad Choices, How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home, According to Pros. Then, lightly buff the tops of your nail beds to smooth and clean any product residue or roughness. These can be stick easily with the help of an acrylic nail glue and can be easily removed following some easy approaches. “The nail plate shields the soft tissue underneath, called the nail bed, where we find nerve endings and small blood vessels, while the soft tissue surrounding the nail plate prevents bacteria from entering, and protects the matrix where nail cells are produced.” Fortunately, proper removal of acrylic nails is easier than you think. To remove the acrylic nails with this method, you should have a willing partner with a dental floss because this method cannot work if you try do it yourself. This strong liquid-based chemical dissolves the acrylic nails and helps you remove them easily. The Best Press-On Nails for a Salon-Worthy Mani at Home, What It Means If You Have Peeling Nails (Plus, How to Fix Them). (Related: The Best Press-On Nails for a Salon-Worthy Mani at Home), In a perfect world, you'd always head back to the salon to have a set removed — and not just because it's an excuse to book another treatment while you're there. Why trust us? "The more of your acrylic you file off, the less time you have to soak in acetone later," says nail artist Amy Le. That's why you really should learn how to remove acrylic nails at home so it doesn't end in disaster. 17 Safe Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year, How the 'Today' Hosts Celebrate the Holidays, 30+ Best Holiday Face Masks for Any Gathering, The Truth About Apple's Black Friday Sales. How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes — And More. Let’s discuss the most effective ways for acrylic nail polish removal.


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