Have you ever noticed that there's no such thing as leftover bacon? Everyone loved Oscar Mayer for its fresh, balanced flavor. They tasted low in fat, with a flavor of liquid smoke. 100% real bacon! Eaten from the package, in a BLT sandwich for example, it’s not very crisp. Deeply smoky and sweet, it has a "rich, developed" flavor that most found "just right." Back bacon, as opposed to American "streaky" bacon. Ingredients: water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite. All rights reserved. There is, however, an easy way to identify pumped bacon if you prefer to avoid it: They all contain ascorbate or sodium erythorbate in the ingredients list, chemicals the USDA mandates for safety reasons. We tested regular and thick-sliced uncooked bacon, precooked bacon, and turkey bacon. Rather than pick an overall winner, we found it made more sense to offer a few favorites based on our different ideal bacons. The word evokes images of crispy, smoked carnivorous goodness. More often than not, other preserving agents (such as sodium nitrite or potassium nitrate) are also mixed with salt during the curing phase in order to further prevent the growth of bacteria like clostridium botulinum. Related:Small-town Iowa whiskey-maker beat out more than 1,300 others to win 'Distillery of the Year', Related:This college town bakery was named best in Iowa. Nitrites, nitrates. His name is Scott Gold and he chose Vande Rose Farms Applewood-Smoked Artisan Dry-Cured Bacon as his top pick in the country. Pumped bacon has extra moisture, which means it's most likely to shrink and spit as it cooks. They help in curing bacon—a preservation, flavoring, and coloring process—but can form nitrosamines, chemicals found to cause cancer in lab animals. Kirkland Signature Regular tastes best. © 2020 www.desmoinesregister.com. You can crisp it by cooking, but that defeats the purpose. Niki is the Editor in Chief at Serious Eats and a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. It’s sold as four 1-pound packages, so you may need to freeze some. That’s a claim on Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked. There's a lot to consider—the cut and thickness of the pork, the curing process (or lack thereof), the type of smoke that's used, and the effect of added flavoring agents. We were surprised to find just how different each brand was—bacon isn't just bacon—and some very clear favorites emerged in each category. Ingredients: water, salt, raw sugar, natural flavorings, lactic acid starter culture, Wright comes a bit thinner-cut than D'Artagnan, but it's still easy to cook nice and chewy. Some bacons boast of thicker slices, and they have a serving size of one slice instead of two. Uncured bacon contains no synthetic nitrites or nitrates, but (as with the Trader Joe’s and Niman Ranch bacons) it has them in natural form—from celery powder, for example. Niman Ranch is the only tested brand claiming to raise pigs without these drugs. To find the best bacon for each palate, I had every taster describe their ideal bacon in writing before they tasted any bacon to get a … That doesn't necessarily mean it's bad bacon; in our blind tasting, some of our favorite bacons were pumped! Vande Rose Farms uses only hand-selected pigs that are fed a completely vegetarian diet of locally-raised corn and soybeans. That's why Vande Rose Farms in Iowa Falls, a marketing company that specializes in heritage breed Duroc pork products, was chosen as making the best bacon in the country by America's Bacon Critic. Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! Related:This Iowa college town pizza joint named 'best in state', Related:This restaurant has the 'best cheap eats' in Iowa. 42 were here. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Original review: Sept. 6, 2020. The slices are a bit thinner, but "nicely pliant" with a fruity, satisfying flavor. No antibiotics ever. Some like it on the sweeter side, while others get turned off by too much smoke. If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. A process that normally takes days and weeks is cut down to just hours.


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