W Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Bow+Heavy Weapon in KoS, Light Weapon+Buffs in NK (no healing), Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf. The dragon telegraphs this by slightly bringing one of his knees down, as if he is kneeling, pushing down his tail and quickly flying up, letting out a scream, so as soon as he starts this telegraph with that slight kneel, get to evading with the fleetest of feet! Other options exist, as well), or another kind of lightning shield, Grass Crest Shield (second slot), Ring of Steel Protection, Thunder Stoneplate Ring, Estus Ring, and Lloyd's Shield Ring. Motoi Sakuraba - Nameless King (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack). The long flowing hair of The Nameless King and his wrapped garb, with him standing atop of clouds, is highly evocative of many depictions of Susanoo in ancient japanese artwork and the flowing white hair of the headpiece in particular resembles that used by actors in Kagura plays, which often retell the story of Susanoo slaying Yamata-No-Orochi. However you have to be very good at rolling and in stamina control. For each detour you make from the attack, use a black flame in one hand and a dragon blood attack in the other. King tries to hit the player with his spear up to 3 times. King rushes towards players, then rotates and tries to hit him with his swordspear. ), this boss is a walk in the park.Phase 1: Stay out of the dragons range, lock on his head, fire Crystal Soul Spear's until he's dead. In the first phase, keep your lock on the King, and not his dragon, because he will be 90% of the opposition for his wider range of attacks, and frequency of attack. Souls: 60,000, NG (80,000), NG+ (160,000), NG++ (176000), NG+3 (180000), NG+6 (?? After boss flies behind you, change to your heavy hitting weapon and always go for the head. If you have a bleed effect, this becomes viable, because his stomp attack is not frequent, but the dragon will still try to blow flames on you. The King slowly pulls out his weapon, creating a lightning strike on the player's location. Souls for Cooperator: NG (20,000), NG+ (40,000), NG++ (44,000)... Health: NG (4577), NG+ (?? Kings slams his weapon into the ground, releasing a quick narrow shockwave. Very good moment to use Weapon Art or land few hits. The AOE is about fifty feet maximum from the point of impact, and it can be avoided by combining sprinting, jumping, and then rolling out of the edge of the AOE. Considering that this is endgame and assuming you have endgame stats and build (60 INT, Court Sorcerer's Staff +10, all the shiny sorcerer-rings, etc. In Dark Souls 2 you can find lion-men in the Shaded Woods. The sound The Nameless King's weapon makes when striking the ground is the same as the parry sound effect. If it lands, the player is lifted upwards and struck by lightning. Using a two-handed Lightning Lothric Knight Greatsword +9, It is possible to kill the King of the Storm in just four hits, allowing you to more easily practice the much more difficult Nameless King fight, as well as save much of your estus for it. try to get two hits in at most and for larger weapons (Greatswords, Ultra GS, etc.) If you hit the dragon's head, be prepared to immediately sprint, and then roll spam, because that makes him more prone to flying upward. Also have the Pontiff's Right Eye ring (consecutive hits gives a dmg buff) and any other buffs you can. His attacks will either be followed with large burst of wind, or lightning and he also possesses several attacks that can release ranged bolts on the player. As soon as you enter the boss arena run forward for a while but not too close to the place where boss lands (half a stamina bar). This is a ruse, as the attack only does damage on impact, so use this to roll. Since the Nameless King has pretty much one damage type here (Lightning), you could consider equipping the Thunder Stoneplate Ring if you have problems with your health. This can easily kill the player as it will stun them in the first hit, knocking them down and, hit them once again as they recover. This boss uses physical, lightning, and fire abilities, making building an armor set against him difficult. Once his spear flashes with lightning, throw a double or triple dodge roll in rapid succession, and you should avoid it. The Nameless King calling down lightning upon the Unkindled. Their manes are very similar to the hair of the Nameless King. Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince, Champion's Gravetender and Gravetender Greatwolf, https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/The_Nameless_King?oldid=330659, Both the Nameless King and the King of the Storm can't be parried, but can be poise-broken with successive attacks, which allows to perform a. His follow-up spear thrust can also be avoided simply by walking backwards and to the left. One or two of the Nameless King's lightning attacks in his second phase has a post-attack where strands of lightning spread out. During the second phase, use a max of two Estus for when the Nameless King is above about 30% health, because past that point, his arsenal of attacks widens up. The stormdrake itself will bite at you and attempt to roast you with its flames. Nameless King performs a Lightning Stake miracle. and have fun. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Summon signs cannot be used on this floor. The purpose of ranged combat is to pick him apart from a safe distance. As for phase two, the Nameless King has a maximum combo of ten to eleven strikes (eleven has never been seen by this contributor, but it's a safe bet), more likely in the form of spear thrusts.


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