You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, The construction in the clinical thermometer is called dash ​, Shreya on aayi sweety ki nahi?arre roshni mko lga pta hai tumhe hehe..shreya breakfast kro jaake pls​, if you follow me and give me 25 thanks and I follow you back and give 25 thanks to you ​, Q36: Fruit having a woody exocarp, flestymeso carp embedded with seeds is calledA)BalaustaB)SorosisC)AmphisarcaD) LomentumkNOWSGo to Settings to activ This site is using cookies under cookie policy. A thermometer used to determine the temperature of the human body. It has a bulb of very thin glass attached to a capillary of the very fine bore. In Fahrenheit, the thermometer has the markings from 94° f to 108° F. The standard temperature of a fit person is 98.6° F, which is indicated by a red arrow on the scale. A Clinical Thermometer has a very small constriction at the bottom of the column of mercury. ​, arrange the sentences in sequential order of the process obtaining silk fabric silk worm( )​, If a ray of light strikes a mirror with an angle of incidence of 60 degree, what will be the angle of reflection? Clinical thermometer definition is - a thermometer for measuring body temperature that has a constriction in the tube above the bulb preventing movement of the column of liquid downward once it has reached its maximum temperature so that it continues to indicate the maximum temperature until the liquid is shaken back down into the bulb. Why are electric wires made of copper?​. ?​. Just above the bulb at point C the tube is made narrow and bent, This site is using cookies under cookie policy. Log in. Join now. ​, Questions1.what are the nutrients needed for our body?2.write the function of carbohydrate.3.plenty of carbohydrate are present in_______4.write the p Join now. When the mercury in the tube expands as the thermometer temperature goes up in the mouth (or wherever), it is forced past the constriction. A capillary tube T of uniform and fine bore is attached to the bulb. A medical thermometer has a constraint close to the bulb in it. …, rocedure for iodine test?5.what is your findings for iodine test?​, which of the following animals migrates for water​, 12. 1. When the doctor (or whoever) wants to look at it, they don 't want it going down again while they 're reading it. Aneeqa70 Aneeqa70 05.07.2020 Science Primary School +5 pts. …, कमानीदार तुला एवं मापन जार द्वारा kisiठोस का घनत्व तथा आपेक्षिक घनत्व ज्ञात कीजिए​, यूरिया को प्रयोगशाला में सर्वप्रथम बनाया था​, nope....shagunu didn't...hehe i was just kidding...but don't thank me okgood bye meet u in eve​, is any hot girl I had to sex with her only for sexy girls​, what are the limitations of mendeleevs periodic table......??? This helps the mercury in the bulb to obtain the patient’s temperature more rapidly and exactly. You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browser, The constriction in the clinical thermometer is called​, b) In a liquid, the molecules are packed (i) tightly (ii) loosely (iii) moderately (iv) randomly. Find an answer to your question The constriction in the clinical thermometer is called 1. The constriction stops this happening. Answered The constriction in the clinical thermometer is called … Due to this, mercury thread does not fall on removing the bulb from the mouth of the patient. This is why the thermometer has often to be shaken before taking the temperature - to get the mercury back into the … Ask your question. The construction in the clinical thermometer is called dash Ask for details ; Follow Report by Kavitasharma2 26.08.2019 Log in to add a comment what is guessing? Construction: It consists of a cylindrical bulb B which is filled with mercury. Sketch a diagram of situation​, what happened when acetic acid (vinegar )react with sodium bi carbonate (baking powder ). A thermometer used to measure the temperature of human body. For this reason this thermometer is called clinical thermometer or doctor's thermometer. A clinical thermometer has a constriction near the bulb in it. Log in. Ask your question.


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