Some people find concert and tenor ukuleles easier to play than soprano ukuleles. Luckily there’s no wrong decision when it comes to your choice. A quick list of three common mistakes I see many people make when shopping for their first ukulele. Don’t want to do a ton of research? However, both sizes are still tuned to the same pitch. Sopranos are also more widely available and are often cheaper than concert ukuleles. Concert and tenor ukes have longer scales, so the frets are spaced further apart. Now if we were making the decision of soprano vs concert ukulele for beginners, then we would likely go with concert. This does mean that if you are a complete beginner, a Soprano Ukulele might be more appealing, as you won’t be making such a big investment to start learning the ukulele. The larger size gives the tenor a deeper, fuller sound with a resonant, almost bass-y tone. There is good news and bad news in this decision, the bad being you have to make a choice now. The Best Ukulele Accessories (2020 Edition), Buying Your First Ukulele: 3 Mistakes to Avoid, How to Buy A Ukulele: The 2020 Ukulele Buying Guide, The Best Ukulele Brands & Good Uke Brands for Beginners (2020 Edition), The Best Beginner Ukulele: My Top 7 Picks (2020 Edition). They are highly interchangeable and if you can play one, you can play the other. That is all the answer to the question: Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele for a beginner? This unique size is larger than a traditional tenor ukulele. Our Tenor XL models come with a longer neck, a longer body, and a wider lower bout than traditional Tenor ukuleles. The extra length allows for … To learn more, check out my ukulele review section. I’ve purchased and played each of these models, so I feel confident recommending them for any beginning ukulele player. This is known as standard tuning. This is for a number of reasons. There are more great beginner ukes on the market now than ever before–way too many to cover in this article! Read more on my About Me page. I couldn’t quite pin down standardized measurements for these smaller sizes, but the Ohana SK-21 sopranino has a total length of 19″, and their sopranissimo O’Nino ukulele is only 17″ long–that’s 4″ shorter than a regular soprano ukulele! The soprano ukulele is the most common size among all the ukuleles. Soprano, concert, and tenor size ukuleles are all tuned the same way: G-C-E-A. Some differences that set concert and tenor ukuleles apart. The concert’s scale is about an inch longer, the neck is a bit wider, and overall it’s a little heavier than the soprano. They are highly interchangeable and if you can play one, you can play the other. The two most common are the Concert and Soprano Ukulele. A concert ukulele is generally about three inches longer than the soprano. This is due to Soprano Ukuleles being the more popular and widespread style. The four most common ukulele sizes are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. But here’s a quick selection of good beginner models to consider for your first ukulele. If put side by side, the Concert Ukulele is larger than a Soprano Ukulele. There isn’t a universal standard for ukulele sizes. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. However go pick up an expensive and vintage Martin soprano from years ago and it might likely blow away any concert you could afford. The standard tuning of G/C/E/A still applies to the Tenor XL size; however, they traditionally come strung with a, Creating an Instagram Ukulele Community w/ Adam Pergande, Percussive Uke Goes Global: Q&A w/ Boris Mogilevski, Ukulele Benefit Show: An Evening w/ Kanekoa, What is a U•Bass? There isn’t much for pros and cons in this choice. Let us know in the comments! A tenor may be even more comfortable for those with larger hands and fingers than the concert size. Most ukes will be close to the figures given above, but the actual measurements can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Fine, handmade ukuleles built in Colorado. The very first ukuleles were mostly soprano sized. The soprano size is probably what most people picture when they think of the ukulele. More then 10 yr of experience in music production. The pineapple ukulele size was designed and patented by Samuel K. Kamaka (of Kamaka Ukuleles) in 1928. If you’re looking to buy a ukulele for under $50, then you’ll have much more choice with sopranos than you will with concerts. My ukulele buying guide will help you choose a ukulele that meets your needs and budget. It’s actually all about your personal preference. I want to help you find the best uke for your budget and skill level. The standard ukulele tuning of G/C/E/A applies to the soprano size. This will also affect the fret spacing. It offers even more comfort to those with larger hands. Concert ukulele is a bit larger and more resonant, but both size are still tuned to the same pitch. The good news is that within a few years you will be so addicted to ukuleles that you will have a soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and maybe even a bass uke (for the truly diehard ukulele fanatics!). The Tenor XL also has a deeper and warmer sound with more resonance due to its increased lower bout size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ukuleles can be differentiated into four sections when it comes to sizing: Baritone, Tenor, Concert, and Soprano, from largest to smallest. Due to its size, it will also have a brighter, softer tone with less projection and resonance than the larger sizes. This is particularly true at the budget end of the spectrum. ​The price difference will vary depending on the brand and model, but in most cases a soprano ukulele will be 10% to 25% cheaper than the next size up (concert). Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone are by far the most popular ukulele sizes, but there are a few more sizes out there. Soprano ukuleles are typically the most affordable instruments in the ukulele family, which can make them a good choice for players on a budget. I'm playing most music instruments and I create music of different genres. The soprano ukulele is the traditional size. What size uke do you have or which size are you planning to get? The extra length allows for more frets with wider spacing between them. In a rush? Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting out on a soprano.


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