This is easily the most time-consuming trophy in the game. The golden icon on them makes them stand out from the rest. If the option is not available you must come back later. Nope! Uncover those areas fully and synchronize the viewpoints then you’ll see all side quests on the map. Fully crew the Adrestia with Legendary Lieutenants. Have you also uncovered all of the sea / water? For Legendary Lieutenants, there are infinite of them in the game, they randomly spawn in Forts or in form of Mercenaries. I guess you get what you pay for and I got this for only 13 UK pounds vs. 20 quid+ which is what a better quality Piggyback guide would set you back. My Stinking eye quest is glitched. After that look for the quest “Red in the Wreckage” on the same island and then for the quest “Lost and Found” on Lestris to trigger the next quests for Xenia. There’s a quest there, but its a small island, easy to miss. Arteriosclerose complete these spots the mission apear, Hello. AMAZING just simply AMAZING. ), I actually got the Stink Eye trophy and have yet to complete Sequence 1. not necessarely on a goat. Some are issue that are beyond the control of the guide makers. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. The leader is marked on the map by a gray or purple icon. You'll find out who they are and what their intentions are. For the last 5 levels it’s best to farm arena matches in the Pephka Arena. You cannot sell or dismantle legendary gear hence there’s no way to miss out on this. Leaderboard Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. There are multiple of these in the game, here are the easiest options: Step 2: In the Ship Menu, select the Female Crew Cosmetic Item in the bottom right corner. every. Equip 1 Legendary melee weapon and 5 Legendary armor pieces. 4 hrs). When the enemy is knocked out, stand over them and press to recruit. Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the male or female, you can sleep with all characters regardless. Thanks, super fast work as always. All of them are needed. I seem to have been lucky with the 5 bugged trophy’s that are listed but seem to have child of Poseidon bugged I’ve been threw the 42 areas & cleared them with no trophy pop so I went back to a earlier save to try again ,clearing them all a 2nd time still with no trophy I’ve looked online to see if it’s just me having the problem & it seems there are a few other people out there having the same issue just thought I’d leave a comment so you could update the bugged trophy list again. Burn War supplies (found at forts and leader houses). New to AC Odyssey. If you kill lower-ranking ones it won’t do anything. Do you have any advice here? P.S. Defeat a full cluster of Cultists of Kosmos. There is a side quest, given by 2 male characters standing by some trees, that will tell you to go to a wreck of a ship. Win your first on land conquest battle in any region (excluding Megaris). So after the story you’ll want to follow those clues to reveal the remaining ones. Fully crew the Adrestia with Legendary Lieutenants. In the Cultists Menu you can click on them and it shows how to reveal their location. The best strategy is to beat the story first, then clean up what you’re missing. I ofcourse finished all the missions on all mentioned Island and none trophy have apeared. Below is a table that depicts the correct location of each treasure that's linked to each quest along with a link to a visual guide for each treasure. For example, at the end of Sequence 4 in Main Quest “Perikle’s Symposium” you go to a party and can sleep with Alkibiades. Lastly, open the ship menu, click on Special Lieutenants and hire the NPC for a little bit of money. Platinum trophy. The story only made me do ONE conquest battle. Soft Leather you get mostly from hunting animals. Reach Mercenary Rank 1 to unlock this trophy. Pick the attacking side that says “hard” difficulty and successfully win the battle by killing the enemies quickly. Something went wrong. Press J to jump to the feed. That will probably be 250 feathers 800 helix thingys and 1500 chests. )...will it be any better? For the questline of hippokrates i completed the akropolis of thebes and the leader house in the same town that the mission apeares. After you’re done with that questline, equip the Artemis Armor Set in the inventory to unlock this trophy. Take out the Spartans or Athenians in the fortresses. Below is a brief text guide of the fight. Should I wait to play the game for a plat or is it safe to play now? I tested both but stuck to guided mode to get the trophies faster. They give 70,000XP per match and it only takes 2 minutes. Complete all underwater location objectives. I did this on Kos Island because it’s a very small region and fast to complete. Yup you can fast travel to any viewpoint (after climbing & synchronizing it). Cookies help us deliver our Services. And can it be any quests. Problem is you can’t access this area with the ship, so just wondering if this is supposed to be cleared when u sail a bit south of this area. I would save this for last. MUST. You increase your rank by killing Mercenaries that are further up the ladder than you. Her questline starts in Sequence 7 (not Sequence 5 when you meet her the first time). Definitely keep the franchise up. Upgrade your Spear to Tier 6. Your email address will not be published. Cheap, squishy cardboard body that feels reminiscent of a kids book. It will unlock later in lvl up maybe? Beat the Olympian Questline (Going For Gold Trophy), Beat The Daughters of Artemis Questline (Master of the Hunt Trophy).


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