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Brake Lathe

Brake Lathe FSE 380 CT

Brake Lathe FSE 380 CT

  • 10 minutes per disc from start to finish. (4 minutes labour, 6 minutes automatic machining)
  • Skims the discs directly on the machine, From the smallest car disc to a 7.5T truck disc
  • Power 1.5HP with vario speed drive from 20rpm to 185rpm to reduce resonance
  • Max disc diameter 435mm. Disc thickness 5 to 44mm
  • Optional drum kit also available
  • Optional on car kit with run-out adjustment also available
  • Brake Lathe with options
  • 12 months warranty – Made in Germany
On-Truck Brake Lathe TD502

On-Truck Brake Lathe TD502

  • 20 minutes per disc from start to finish. No need to remove the heavy caliper. (10 mins labour , 10 mins skimming)
  • All axles 3.5T to 50T. 2.5kw motor power. Max diameter unlimited – DYN9000 is Mercedes Approved. TD-502 is hub mounted.
  • From £29.87+VAT per week on a 60 month lease – call for prices
  • On the Truck / On vehicle brake lathe
  • 2 years warranty – DYN 9000 Made in Holland  TD-502 Made in Italy by COMEC
Off Vehicle Brake Lathe DYN 470

Off Vehicle Brake Lathe DYN 470

  • 6 Minutes per disc, drum or flywheel from start to finish. Fastest in the world.
  • Run-Out less than 0.02mm. Max drum dia. 710mm, Max disc dia. 860mm.
  • Power 0.75kw – 70/100/145 rpm spindle speed
  • Only machine in the world that can do cars, vans and heavy trucks in one machine  – solid cast iron body 200kg!
  • Small footprint of just 510mm x 510mm
  • From £ 29.87+VAT on a 60 month lease – call for outright purchase price
  • 2 years warranty – Made in Italy

Which skimming machine is the right one for me I hear you saying? Well it all depends on how many discs you intend on skimming and how fast you want to complete each job.  Also, do you want to machine drums and flywheels?

Are you going to offer it as a service to other garages in the area? Will you skim discs each and every time you change pads to eliminate brake noise and the dreaded “ drive carefully madam until the pads bed in”.

In addition to these questions are, can I skim drilled and grooved discs? Will the disc skimming machine fit into the rear wheel arch? Will my staff be able to operate it?

Call us and we will have an informal chat about your disc skimming requirements. After that if you like what you hear we will come to your workshop and do a demo on a vehicle of your choice – you can even have a go too if you like. All our staff are skilled engineers who can do a decent demo. If you like what you see we strike a deal, if not you send us packing! …..Can’t be fairer than that!