If you're crying over “spoiled milk,” inspect your refrigerator for these five possible causes. A Guide to Causes, Fixes, and When to Say Goodbye. Your refrigerator or chest /upright freezer does not contain any mechanical parts that will produce an odor. When the unit is new, there is a plastic odor because most components inside are made plastic. Refrigerator is not turned on. Why is a two-year-old Haier wine cooler model # BC112G not cooling although the compressor is running and very hot to touch. If you recently had a power outage, your refrigerator may need to be manually turned back on. I do not hear the compressor turning on. Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling? Haier - Odor in Refrigerator or Freezer. The fridge in my dorm is not cold or cooling. However, since the appliance is still under warranty, contact Haier to find the locations of the nearest third party repair shop where the repairs will be done free of cost if the problem is covered by the warranty. 1. Everything in the refrigerator is starting to thaw. However the inside lights still work. … Mini Fridge Stopped Cooling – Refrigerator Not Cool Read More » I hear a clicking noise every few minutes. Sounds like your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly. What can cause a mini fridge to stop working? This odor will dissipate with time. My mini fridge is not cool.


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