Unlimited access to 27000+ back issues: No contract or commitment. Why is fracking dangerous for the environment and people? and. 8 Dangerous Side Effects of Fracking That the Industry Doesn't Want You to Hear About Reynard Loki. Fracking is likely the cause of a wide range of health problems. If you decide that PocketmagsPlus is not for you, you can cancel your monthly subscription online at any time. Unfortunately, this process can go wrong, and if the oil or gas wells are not built sturdily enough, they can leak and contaminate groundwater. One of the main pollutants released in the fracking process is methane. On the earthquake issue, seismologists say it is possible fracking … The rush into fracking has not kept pace with important environmental safeguards. Dismantling the EPA will greatly increase our health, water safety, and environmental risks, but … Fracking is bad for your health. Much of the hysteria over hydraulic fracturing was from a since-debunked “documentary” called Gasland, where among other things, the filmmaker lit water from a faucet on fire. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who’s been following the latest fracking statistics.. That being said: It’s not a topic most people understand correctly. : Instant access to the latest issue of 310+ of our top selling titles. This issue of xxxxxxxxxxx. Both arguments are strong, which is why no one can agree whether fracking is a good or bad thing. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking for short) is the process of extracting natural gas from ancient bedrock. Fracking and Air Quality . Fraccing is not bad as others have mentioned. Fracking Isn’t Just Bad for the Climate. “Flowback” water can contaminate streams and water supplies. Research indicates the U.S. oil and gas industry … What is fracking in the first place and why does it have the world taking sides? The science is not settled; arguments are hurled back and forth by both gas companies and environmentalists. It’s Bad for Mental Health Too.


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