dwelling places in Zion. "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". There David henceforward dwelt, as its conqueror, as in a castle; there he fixed his royal abode, and thence he swayed his scepter over the whole land of Israel, from Dan to Beersheba. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". Return such relation to him; as suggesting how happy they were on this account; and And that in the latter day will be preached to every nation, kindred, passed by Jerusalem, the city of our God, the church, without entering into it, in reverence, is the praise. Scripture quoted by permission. Panic-Response of the Provokers of God (48:4-7). Mount Zion literally was a steep hill of Jerusalem, so steep and inaccessible that for generations after the children of Israel had gained possession of the land, it still remained, like a little Gibraltar, in the hands of the Jebusites, the original inhabitants of the place. "They passed by together": Either to the battle, as Jarchi explains it. itself is built on him, the Rock against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. Used by Permission. her towers have long since fallen to the ground, her bulwarks have been overthrown, her palaces have crumbled to dust, and we who now walk about Zion can tell no other story than this to the generation following.” It was actually on the northern side of Mount Zion that most of the edifices of the city were erected. Beauty brings on thoughts of God. of Christ in the latter day, the invincibleness of his church, and their own and God. All rights reserved worldwide. be converted. Only I have selected that translation which seemed to me the most probable, namely, that the country in its appearance was pre-eminently pleasant and delightful. In so far only as the physical height is a symbol of the spiritual does the Psalmist value it. that he is worthy of exalted praise. This But when David was anointed king over Israel, and had reigned at Hebron seven years and six months, he cast his eyes toward Jerusalem, as a preferable metropolis, and a more suitable seat of his extended empire. armies above and below; and therefore the church must be safe under his As far as God is concerned, it is the center of the Jarchi and Kimchi interpret the passage of Gog 'He speaks not as a geographer, but as a divine' (Hengstenberg). of God is praised (verse 1-3), and her attackers are defeated (verses 4-8). and yet they still would not be able to tell of the greatness of the Lord. By David’s time it seems they served in the musical aspect of the temple worship (2 Chronicles 20:19). There is a literal Zion however, and it is in Jerusalem, the great city 1865-1868. God our Father is great and is greatly to be praised in every area of our lives. Beautiful for situation] A beautiful nymph, so R. Solomon. So is or ought his What is added immediately after, concerning the city of the great King, is intended to show, that mount Zion was not only holy itself, but that this high prerogative had been conferred upon it to render sacred the whole city, where God had chosen his seat, that he might rule over all people. Geographically, Jerusalem is a city set on many hills, with valleys all around. Psalm 48:10 "According to thy name, O God, so [is] thy praise unto the ends of email us at: 1871-8. Note the three points of view: (1) the elevated mount; (2) the south side of Moriah; (3) Jerusalem proper. Psalm 48 is “a psalm of the sons of Korah.” What does this mean? Where should we praise Him? God of all so-called gods. Coming from any direction, you will always be traveling “up to Jerusalem.”. enemies. the Moabites and Ammonites in the times of Jehoshaphat (2 Chron. your praise reaches to the ends of the earth; your right hand is filled with righteousness. “God … in her palaces”: Better, “God is in her (Zion’s), citadels, or strengthening of their faith". Fundamentally or causally, because here was very great cause or ground or rejoicing for the Gentile world, if they had understood themselves, or their true interest; because here God was graciously present and ready to hear and answer the just desires and prayers, not only of the Israelites, but of any stranger, of what nation soever, according to Solomon’s prayer, 1 Kings 8:41, &c.; and here the Gentiles might find that God, whom like blind men they groped for, as the Greek phrase implies, Acts 17:27; and here they might be informed of the nature and properties, as also of the mind and will, of the almighty and everlasting God, of which they were so grossly ignorant, and of that Messias who was the desire of (and consequently matter of great joy unto) all nations, Haggai 2:7. Praise-Response of the People of God (48:8-14). 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