For additional information, see the Spinney Mountain Reservoir fishing or boating pages. Fish species include: Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout, Cuttbow trout, yellow perch, and Northern Pike. Information concerning zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species can be found on these page as well. Overall parks Zebra Mussel strategy – Call Elizabeth Brown 303-291-7362. Spinney Mountain Reservoir opens after ice-out usually sometime around mid to late April. Fishing: Gold fish trout waters, as well as northern pike. are perfect for producing and maintaining a healthy population of large trout (we are measuring in pounds here, not inches). NZMS are also confirmed in Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Picnicking. Fee: Yes, vehicle entry fee for day. It is up to each operator to make sure that his vessel meets these required conditions before being inspected. Trailered vessels and vessels with a gas powered motor are all required to be inspected both coming in and going out. Boating: Boating and windsurfing (with full wet-suit) are permitted from the two boat ramps. Windsurfing with a full body wet suit is recommended due to the very cold water temperatures. Regulation brochures are available at the Eleven Mile State Park office​. Gear Rentals in Lake George; River Rafting & Tubing in Lake George ... but we sure did not have any luck! *High Season: All motor watercraft $25.00 more on Holidays and all Weekends June 15 – … Prices are subject to change at any time. But, we need the help of every boater and fisherman that uses the reservoir. DRY the vessel, fishing gear and equipment. Tabs. Especially if you are new to the sport or area. If you want to go where the professionals go, then a Spinney Mountain Reservoir is the place! Great for taking a cruise around the lake or fishing all day. But, we need the help of every boater and fisherman that uses the reservoir. See the park's homepage for current weather conditions. Statewide Zebra Mussel strategy – Call Greg Gerlich 303-291-7360.​. Infants and children under 30 pounds count as a person, 2 Hours / $150.00 18’ Pontoon $175.00 20’ Pontoon, 4 Hours / $225 18’ Pontoon $255 20’ Pontoon, Additional Hour (after 4) 18’ $45/ 20” $50. Any vessel, float tube or belly boat that is found to be contaminated will be refused admittance to the reservoir until that vessel, float tube or belly boat is satisfactorily decontaminated. Equipment Rental: Boat rentals include canoes, kayaks, a 20′ pontoon and a 16′ Lund aluminum V-hull. Play it safe while on the water--leave your alcohol on shore. Camping Sites for Your Outdoor Needs. Are you planning a fishing excursion at Spinney Mountain Reservoir or along that section of the South Platte River that is known as the "Dream Stream"? ... Other: Some rentals available at nearby Eleven Mile S.P. Mandatory inspections of all non-exempt vessels will be conducted at the park entrance and must be completed satisfactorily prior to launching on the reservoir or exiting from the park. Spinney Mountain Reservoir is known for their giant rainbow trout, extra large brown trout, and rainbow/cutthroat hybrids that swim the long-sleeping waters of the reservoir each year. Trophy Fishing! Map: Spinney Mountain Brochure (PDF) Website:… Boat ramps are located on both the north and south sides of the reservoir. But, we need the help of every boater and fisherman that uses the reservoir. Water-contact sports including swimming, wading, scuba diving and water-skiing are prohibited. For additional information, see the Spinney Mountain Reservoir fishing  or boating  pages. We offer electrical hook-ups, non-electrical tent sites, a dump station, fire pits, and even a general store with all of your camping, hunting, and fishing necessities. Recreational opportunities managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. In an effort to prevent their spread to other bodies of water, CPW is conducting boat inspections on all vessels that are intended to be launched on the reservoir or exiting from it. In order to be inspected, 1) the hull of every trailered vessel must be free of all debris, mud and ice and 2) the interior of every trailered vessel must be cleaned, drained and dry prior to the inspection and regardless of prevailing weather conditions. The reservoir closes to all boating from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise. Carp can be found in shallow areas. We're located just north of the Gold Medal waters of Spinney Mountain Reservoir State Park and "The Dream Stream" section of the South Platte River, west of the scenic Eleven Mile State Park, east of Antero Reservoir, and just miles south of Tarryall Reservoir recreation area. Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy. 2 Hours / $150.00 18’ Pontoon $175.00 20’ Pontoon. CLEAN the hull of your vessel, belly boat or float tube thoroughly. Infants and children under 30 pounds count as a person. The park gates close one hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise. It is critical for the boating and fishing public to fully cooperate in … DO NOT operate your vessel while under the influence. They can also help to refine your casting techniques and give you tips on flies and lures to try out. *High Season: All motor watercraft $25.00 more on Holidays and all Weekends June 15 – August 15. Spinney Reservoir is one of the best stillwater fisheries in the entire western US. Co Rd 59 8.5 miles to Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Fishing guides may contact the park office for more details at (719) 748-3401. Boat rentals and guided trips at Spinney are typically limited to the off season months only (April, May, September & October). Hiking. When arriving after hours, please fill out an envelope at the lighted pay station and drop it with your cash in the secured pay post to stay in our camping and RV sites. Recreational Opportunities. The lake is classified as Gold Medal water and may be fished with artificial flies and lures only. Read more. Spinney Mountain Reservoir can be as about as good as it gets for the still water angler.


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