I hope your first loaf came out well for you! Nothing fussy or complicated, just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves! Enjoy the bread! Thanks. In the photo of you with the bread seems to have had slits cut into it when baked. But getting them there can be tricky and this is pretty much foolproof! I am addicted to homemade sourdough! What size should the dutch oven be for this recipe? You mention taking it out of the bowl and shaping it round before returning to a large bowl. Taste and texture ARE there however. I have never made more than 1 loaf at a time so can’t answer your question. Pour in the yeast and let it dissolve. and The 10 Best Books for Your Traditional Foods Journey. Use 1/4 cup more flour than you did before, keep it on your counter, change the brand of yogurt you’re using if that is an option for you, and see how that goes. Only thing I baked it in a regular loaf pan at 350 for 40 minutes. rest, then shaped loaf and let it do final rise before baking. I’ve been thinking of begging the local bakery to share some of their starter with me, but in the meantime, maybe this would be a good place to start. Do I feed the starter immediately before using it to make the bread, or do I use untouched/unfed starter from the precious day? I’m afraid I won’t be gentle enough and I’ll deflate the dough! Averie, I really want to try this recipe! Mix it up. The only two things I have an issue with is the salt content. I could tell from the dough consistency that it was going to work. Super easy. You do NOT need a bakery full of fancy equipment to make sourdough bread, however, there are a few tools that will make the process easier: A large bowl. What is the formula if not using instant yeast. You could try lemon juice (maybe Meyer lemon if you can) as citric acid has more similarities to ascorbic acid as a dough conditioner. I know, sadly, I have NO idea how this could/would work in the absence of gluten since basically there is so very little yeast and you are really relying on the smidgeon of yeast + time + gluten to get that big puffy rise. :). Is it necessary to cover it while baking until the last 5-10 minutes, for it to stay moist and for the crust to develop? We recently retired to a rather remote location & are unable to buzz out to the store (especially with the snow) but I REALLY wanted to try this. Oh no! Averie, Check out this post to learn all about grinding your own flour. , But we’re doing the next best thing– you’re getting it today instead. Place the lid on the pot and bake for 20 minutes. Same process. I just placed my dough in the proofing basket and I feel it’s going to be the best result yet. Pour in the yeast and let it dissolve. Read the recipe at least twice before starting. I just mad this bread and love it!!!! Red Star Platinum does not seem to exist any longer. Easy Cheddar Sourdough Bread — The bread is hearty, satisfying, and has a firm crust that gives was to a super moist, soft interior with ample hunks of cheddar. My dough under the cooked layer was runnier than the starter too (but it wasn’t like that before going in the oven to proof!). That’ll work in a pinch. Just like sourdough! Merci mille fois’. As I said before, I’m a total newbie, but this is what I did and I got a big, beautiful delicious loaf…THANK YOU for this recipe and easy to follow directions! Borodinsky Supreme -- Old School -- 100% Rye, Mini's 100% Dark Rye & Chia Recipe ...Love at 104% hydration. There is very little filler so I count is as 1 gram. Anyway, thanks for the response. :). I see the bread needs to be bakes at 450. Thanks! I found I had no parchment paper, and used a circle of foil instead. Plus, kneading is therapeutic! Soda bread is so good when it’s fresh – your cat has great taste :) You will definitely have to hide the sourdough too then! Great question! No and you would probably want to use two 9×5’s if you try it because I know it won’t fit in one pan. 2) This made a beautiful, delicious loaf (for those of you wondering about doubling, if you do, certainly make 2 loaves. I think WY is a lot drier of a climate then where I am from so I needed about an 1/8 th of a cup more. My first loaf came out great. If you try this, LMK! I’m 99.9% happy with the Prairie Homestead Cookbook that published last year (and I’d better be… considering how many edits it underwent!). I’m not a novice to bread making and have tried some of the trouble shooting things like new yeast and a really hot oven, I even purchased a new dutch oven but my dough still struggles to rise and when it bakes it is dense, hard on the outside and spongy in the middle. Honey Dinner Rolls —  Soft, fluffy rolls brushed with sweet honey butter! I don’t have a dutch oven, but am asking hubby for one for Christmas. Mix well. Oh my gosh! I was wondering what the maximum time would be for the first proof? This one looks delicious and doable. That seems awfully big. Good Sour Baking to You for Yours.. Lyman, at Sunny, Reno Nevada FROM: LYMAN EDDY (HKDS25A) Reformatted by Elaine Radis MM-RECIPES@IDISCOVER.NET MEAL-MASTER RECIPES LIST SERVER MM-RECIPES DIGEST V3 #90 From the MealMaster recipe list. Looks like a great take on naturally leavened sourdough! It would be really hard to screw that recipe up and you have minimal time and ingredients invested in it (just make sure to spray your plastic wrap with non-stick spray before putting it over the bread stick dough to rise–my personal “oops”–pulling sticky wrap off of risen dough is sort of a pain!). I wish I could share a picture! No I can’t use enough exclamation points!!!! If you cut open your bread when it is still hot, you will squish it and the crumb will be crushed, not to mention it’ll dry out faster in storage. I had to bake it for about 59 min total. (And contrary to popular belief, sourdough doesn’t have to be extremely sour tasting– you can absolutely adjust the tang in your DIY loaves. Just turn on the light :). My second attempt I added an additional 3/4c of flour… Perfect! I decided that I’m going to try and bake it after all but what should I do?! Our ranch is in the South San Juan Mountains at 8600 feet. This will extend the souring/rise time and produce a more sour loaf. No where in the recipe did I say to oil the pan so that’s one issue and falling flat. Could you tell what the weights are? LOL if I did have a job, I’d want to call in sick to stay home and bake sometimes too :) Sourdough starters can be finnicky, as is anything cultured, i.e. How to adjust this recipe for a bread machine. I think next time I’ll use less yogurt/sour cream. Remove the lid and bake for an additional 30 minutes, or until the loaf is deeply browned and crispy on top. Your recipe sounds so easy, and looks absolutely perfect! You could try on a cookie tray and see what happens but I’ve never done it that way. I suggest baking longer – til it’s brown. :). Thanks Sandy, With bread-making there are SO many variables. Thanks for the 5 star review and I’m glad to hear it turned out amazing! Love that feeling and glad you love the bread and that it lasts 1 day, max! I can’t even think of doing that right now. (Currently feeding earlier in the morning) I tried the pancakes the other day aND they were super thin…. If I wanted to make 2 small loaves out of the one recipe, how long would I bake it for? Thanks so much. And also if you think your dough was pretty darn moist (yes it’s an extremely moist dough) but…if you think there was too much liquid, and based on everything else, there probably was…counteract that with 1. more flour and/or 2. longer baking time. Thanks for the 5 star review and glad that you were able to makeshift with a little milk and it worked out great for you! Lower the parchment into the Dutch oven. Bog bread eaters around here ? Adding vinegar to sourdough bread. Have you ever made this in a loaf pan? It is gorgeous... Hi Dan,thanks for your compliments. I had to make myself to NOT overwork it. I hope! I leave it in the dutch oven for 55 minutes and do not remove the lid because I find the crust to sharp on my mouth when it is too crispy. Ouch! Consider making sure your oven light won’t heat your own oven too much before trying that trick! Good luck with your bread. It’s an easy recipe, even for bread-making novices. Do you preheat your ditch oven before putting the dough in or do your knit from room temp? I never realized how much junk is in the bread we purchase so I really want to begin to make it and this recipe looks doable. The loaf was light and rose really high. Can I try this in a slow cooker? My dough was a bit wetter than yours, but since I live in a very dry climate, I left it and it turned out perfect. I’ve been making sourdough for a year now using a start and it is really easy. Hi, Thanks for the explanation and the recipe, only we do not use cups but weigh everything. Well you’ve probably deteremined what to do with it by this point. Could too much liquid be the culprit? Enter your best email for instant access>>.


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