Check a seller’s feedback. Läuft wie geschnitten Brot...->, "BI.OS präsentierte flotte Musik von den 80ern bis heute mit viel Live-Performance auf beachtlichem Niveau". The only thing inconsistent between my two genuine samples of this mic were the markings on the white identity stickers on the capsule. Of course, you could change where you buy, and stick to new/ex-demo purchases from main dealers. One problem is that the fakes are being resold at prices that would be plausible for genuine items. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Could it be useful for anything? E945 also offers more features that its older counterpart doesn’t have. And I have made Sennheiser aware of this thread. The bag zip thing is the easiest to spot if you’ve only got poor photos to go on. The Sennheiser E935 and E945 are great mics for the money. Share Followers 0. Get the drumkit with the three SM57's + one Beta 52. Sennheiser e945. Also, I don’t want to reward the scam! Slate Digital Launches The VIRTUAL MICROPHONE with other mics, I thought I'd post this here. Here are some things to look for if you’re trying to establish if your Sennheiser e945 mic from eBay is fake or genuine. However, people who’ve been caught out buying a fake may try and disguise their error by trying to re-sell a fake at the normal price for a genuine item. I bought a Sennheiser e945 (wired model) today at Guitar Center Online and when it arrives I want to compare the interior capsule with a known genuine one just to be sure it's not a fake MIC. I wasn't impressed with the low end E800s series either. The e945 is an obvious winner here. fake Micro? beware of fake sennheiser (e945) on ebay: Yes. By A914Man, February 9, 2014 in Craig Vecchione's Live Sound & Production. I purchased a Sennheiser e945 from an Ebay … fake Micro? I fear some dodgy sellers repeatedly resurface with new accounts (but zero feedback). Sennheiser e935 Vs e945 Conclusion Sennheiser e945 can indeed deliver better audio quality for vocals, but only if the user has a decent technique in order to keep on-axis. Same goes for Shure I understand. Click my photos to see larger versions of one of my genuine mics next to a fake I returned. Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic. Newbie; Members; 2 3 posts; Members; Share ; Posted February 9, 2014. Performers with lower voices tend to love this mic. I sold the Neumann KMS105 a long time ago and miss it quite a bit. We’ve arrived at the final Sennheiser microphone in our review, the e945. ja gibt´s denn sowas? I wish I’d seen this before I jumped on a “bargain”. Wenn du gerade im Netz nach sowas gesucht hast und Google dich hierher The essential difference is that Sennheiser E945 is a super-cardioid mic meanwhile the Sennheiser E935 is a cardioid mic. Sennheiser Evolution Wireless (EW) Series Comparison, Technical Set-Up for Streaming the Tech Exeter and Digital Exeter Online Conference. I used the VMS software (U47) on a Sennheiser E945 mic. wir erstmals vier neue Weihnachtssongs gespielt und die nächsten drei Songs sind schon in Arbeit und im Proberaum gibts Schorli nun aus original Schorli Gläser und nicht mehr aus Plastikbescher. Unglaublich, die Chinesen. Fake one would likely be painted black - if you look at the Sennheiser e945 photo you will see that the top and bottom grille screens have a different mesh pattern. More info on the fake Sennheiser e945's. It could be hard to tell from the listing photos, and beware anyone using stock photos for a used item. Warning signs also include low ‘Buy It Now’ prices, and sellers with little or no feedback selling several of these mics at one time.


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