Getting through formal introductions the story shared their stories with each other and Kushina, the young girl, decided she would tag along with the pervert. Sengoku joined the Navy at the same time as Garp and Tsuru, and has fought against legendary pirates, such as Shiki the Gold Lion and Gol D. Roger himself. It can even be used to tell if an opponent is strong enough to stand toe to toe with him. Birthday: The men that know of him think of his personality as immature and one should never let themselves get too free to the point that they act like he does. Video. Sengoku is one of those people that uses honorifics a lot, even if someone has no significance to him at all. 68 (p. 229), Sengoku's new position is revealed to be "Inspektur Jenderal". A durable body is actually one of the highest requirements of the one attempting to master the Ryōtenihana. If he is unable to achieve a goal, he thinks of himself as scum. He wears this kimono on special occasions, and those around him would really hate for him to get it dirty. Overwhelming Strength: While not exactly training to refine his body, for Sengoku's large build he packs the strength back up his intimidation. One Piece Role-Play Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. After hearing of how he'd been on the interest lists of all the World Government's organizations Sengoku relayed the information to the other members of his crew. The power and durability of Busoshoku varies on the one using it, and to say the least, Sengoku's invisible armor is extremely durable. Sengoku likes to call this type of Haki a special energetic magic that depending on the user is stronger and more effective. 2 Sengoku (One Piece) HD Wallpapers en Achtergrond Afbeeldingen. The terrain was war-torn and drenched in the disgusting atmosphere for shameless bloodshed. 210 lbs Over his juban lies the black weighted gi. The kimono she wore faithfully was dominantly pink, with a flowers in various different parts of the kimono. Sengoku is the worst at launching surprise attacks. Reverse psychology would be Sengoku suggesting that his opponent(s) should flee from the battle because they had no power at all to take him. He crossed paths with many of the greats and his blade has even tasted a few of them. Filter by post type. Because of this he has developed a few techniques which are solely based on the functionality of the Haoshoku Haki. Occupations: Sengoku is one of those special people that can predict an opponent's movements through this Haki allowing him to be one step ahead of his enemy and stopping them before they are able to finish an action. Sengoku (センゴク) Devil Fruit: Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu (Human-Human Fruit, Model: Golden Buddha) The supreme commander of all Naval forces in the One Piece world, his status apparent by the life-size seagull attached to his hat. Chat. This level of durability is born from the overwhelming physical energy flowing within his body. To prevent it from getting dirty, if a tense battle were to break out he would get Kushina to hold it for him. Romanized Name: No matter what you are; human, dog, cat, frog, or plant — if you have life, you contain the mysterious power that is Haki. "Sengoku" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. How I saw it, it was the way only a coward would choose to live the rest of their lives. This is done by simply giving his overwhelming will an armor for itself. Kurokaku (黒角, Literally meaning; "Black Horn") Often times their land would get surprise visits from each of the pirate crew attempting to find the other slacking to get easy kills. Sengoku clad in his armor during the war. The very next morning Sengoku set out looking around the village for possible survivors. It is fully unknown why he loves kimono so much, but more specifically, the ones for women. Reverse-reverse psychology would be Sengoku asking why they were still there when they (opponent) could easily go somewhere else and easily win. The eldest of the three is Sengoku D. King. Turning to reach for the kimono on the table, Sengoku placed it on his body. 6'7 Sengoku beaten by Kushina trying to spy on her. Sengoku can cover gaps between himself and an opponent with relative ease. When on the sea, the sight of his crew's Jolly Roger can cause nearby pirate ships to alter their directions to avoid even crossing paths. High-level Adaptation & Intellect: Sengoku possesses an ability that allows him to adapt to any opponent that he faces off against. Along with Garp, Sengoku is considered to be one of the strongest Marines. Residence: Overwhelming Stamina & Durability: A man with a large ripped muscular build would be expected to take many hits. By exerting it outwards, he's able to create an invisible force field that can shield him from very powerful Rokushiki techniques as well as enhanced punches. Kenbunshoku: is the Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others without them being physically in view. Dia adalah salah satu tokoh utama bersama dengan Whitebeard, Shiki, dan Monkey D. Garp pada saat-saat Gol D. Roger masih hidup, dan masih terus berada di masa sekarang, bahkan setelah pengunduran dirinya dari Marinir. The World Government wasn't the only group of enemies they had acquired. They would let the entire world know that their light can shine through any kind of darkness! Women are fine creatures, beautifully crafted and shaped to impress. Sengoku defied his father's instructions and set out to look for his parents while his other siblings remained at home. The lone island pulled off a magnificent feat, as they alone were able to push back both the forces of the crews. All posts. This grants Sengoku the overall ability to manipulate his opponent as he sees fit. Using this type of Haki, Sengoku is able to detect the condition of a blade and in a sense communicate with it. The fact that Sengoku holds such a godly title comes to be questioned upon by those brainless pirates who state his crew isn't large enough. With Sengoku standing as a Yonko, it made all the more sense. Sengoku Born into a family of three sisters and four brothers, Sengoku is the youngest of these siblings. The World Government found themselves meeting to figure out how they would dispose of the crew. There is a tale that floats around the sea that Sengoku battle for four days and three nights straight without taking a single break. Aware of this, Sengoku's father prepared his children for a time of battle and began to train them each and individually. Sengoku hadn't unlocked his ability to utilize Haoshoku Haki way back when he was a child.


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