Too often such theories that get passed around as fact just end up being proven as hogwash, like all the nonsense one website spread about Earthbound. If Sega sells them on Steam and Xbox there aren't any license issues. It's not an entirely definitive selection and there's bound to be the odd gem you recall from your youth that isn't included for one reason or another, but on the whole, it's really hard to imagine a better array of games. If there's even an ounce of truth in that, then I think SEGA should absolutely remake Sonic 3, replace the tiny part of the soundtrack that is causing a problem, and then be able to release it whenever they like. Rest is just extra. Now I'm starting Landstalker, probably onto Phatasy Star III after that. Disappointed that no mentions were made about the specifics of the retail release (i.e., is it all on the cartridge?). Definitely want to get this on a price drop. Speaking of the game's UI, the painstaking recreation of your typical Sega fan's room is faithful right down to the garish bedspread, even if it can be a little fiddly to navigate at times. Speaking of music, have heard that the sound emulation in this collection is good but not great. There are also online leaderboards for certain games, as well as in-game 'feats' to unlock. Ugh.... since you didn’t mention them I’m assuming the worse is true and they removed the two wonder boy games? The snk collection is great and this looks even better but man I would love to see others jump on board. But if there is progress (PS4/X1 collection is better than PS3/X360/PSP ones), it's still faaaaar from perfect. The original “game hub” design originated through SEGA’s Mega Drive re-releases on Steam, which a few years ago implemented an overarching framework … I just didnt think the snk one seemed as good value wise compared to this but that might be more down to the fact I dont really know many of the snk [email protected], "not Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles (the latter perhaps due to the complexities of its cart-swapping mechanics, which, on the original hardware, required you to bolt one of the three previous games into the top of the game).". With any compilation, it’s easy to focus just as closely on the exclusions as it is to focus on the inclusions. However, within every '90s gamer, there remains that vivid memory of the competition which inspired Nintendo and Sega to push things to the limit, and this feeling of nostalgia is neatly captured by Sega Mega Drive Classics. I'm just saying, the input lag is hot garbage, making games sluggish and un-fun. Day 1 for me it would be. Would have like to see the article make some mention of the sound. I will wait for the and play my games as is on OG hardware. Can’t wait. Sega Genesis Classics for Switch game reviews & Metacritic score: SEGA's collection of Mega Drive & Genesis classics comes to a new generation of consoles - and players. The Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you're in North America) is a console that needs no introduction, even on a site devoted to Nintendo. I know Phantasy Star is a Master System game, but it was included in previous entries and not in this one. ", the answer is simple : you'll never play Sonic 1 with the same pleasure as with its Sega Age version, because M2 succeeded to get back to the original MegaDrive feeling and even better (with new options & cie). I only want to play the phantasy stars and shining force since i remember emulating those and playing them. Kiiiinda putting me off. @damo is the emulation definitely good?? That said, there has never been a better option than Sega Genesis Classics on Switch. That game is a masterpiece. . Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in particular, holds up extremely well; its predecessor, however? It's a shame that no effort was made to include a 'museum' section in this collection, but it's hardly a deal-breaker; we've simply been rather spoiled by the recent SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, which, as well as offering faithful ports of some of the company's most famous titles, also crammed in an incredible amount of bonus content which fully immersed the player in the history of these games. @LinktotheFuture Both unfrotunately. Elsewhere, Beyond Oasis / Story of Thor provides an action-adventure experience that is both exciting and immersive, which is why it is considered to be one of the finest games of its type on the system. SEGA is another company who’s no stranger to repackaging its old Mega Drive titles be it through devices you can hook up to your TV, its SEGA Forever service and most recently its new SEGA AGES line for Switch. This generation has seen a lot of retro compilations so I expected much more from a legendary company as Sega. It's a shame that the Wonder Boy games are not featured in the Switch version. I would support somebody who appreciates the source material. @BlueOcean They're not on there. Now take this exact idea and make it with super nintendo classics. These old ROMS should be included with Nintendo Online. Will be the first time with ALL of these games. ☺️☺️. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... 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All of these elements combine to create an impressive amount of reply value; you may even find yourself playing titles that you've previously had no interest in, purely to ace the challenge or unlock an achievement. The Sonic games, just forget it. Try playing these with a classic controller! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Love this collection. Sometimes I wonder how kids like you even find your way on the internet. Just curiuos. It’s a collection of fifty 16-bit games from an era gone. I've enjoyed the SEGA 3D Classics games on 3DS! based on I might pick this up but I already have the SEGA Ages version of Sonic (but it's not like I've bought it many times before ). I’m already regretting not going digital for this just for convenience having these all on the go.I want to cancel my preorder but I’m getting the physical release for like $10 less! This is the best value retro collection on the Switch. Also what youy need to remember is that this compilation actually launched about two years ago on Steam. Also the fact that Sega choose to release this collection late for the Switch when Nintendo's Online Service is no longer free doesn't really add value to the collection either as now those who want to play this online had to force themselve to buy into the service whereas had they release this at the time when the service was free would had gotten them more online traffic on the Switch. Nintendo website information about this collection is ridiculous:, @BlueOcean it’s bizarre. It's likely absent here for the same reason why standalone Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles aren't here, which seems to revolve around some sort of rights issue (Same with the Ecco franchise, which is the only other glaring omission from the PS2 and PS3/360 era compilations). Hosted by 44 Bytes. Even still, it was a really impressive game, for it's time! If NES classics isnt your cup of tea try the Genesis Collection. But that might be asking too much. Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings. Sega Genesis really had some gems. Like don't know how you write a review and not mention sound emulation. I'm not saying it's fan allegations with the soundtrack. The rest I'm good. (As the mega drive was my one and only console until switch this is an easy day one for me). Just watched a review on YouTube and even that didn’t mention it.


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