I can’t remember the name, but I will be going there again this April! IMO, the brown gravy on a Loco Moco should be hearty, meaty and deep. Or more specifically, the “brown gravy” at Rainbow Drive In. The saving grace is the slush floats. Used to be Zippy’s but now we do Costco, then here. Digging deeper, we get to the two hamburger patties, which were just OK. My sister knows how to make “Brown Gravy” using just shoyu (no meat stock), and it’s surprisingly really good! Some people like it thick and rich, other people like it thinner. All rights reserved. Did it change owners? Or more specifically, the “brown gravy” at Rainbow Drive In. I took one bite and that was all I could stomach. If you look at its color, it even has a reddish hue to it, which sort of validates my assumption of what’s in it. Ingredients. And I really mean years! I think Rainbows has gone downhill the last few years. Unfortunately, the brown gravy, which is the essence of this dish, was just such a deal-breaker, for me at least. I’m not a picky eater, but it just didn’t sound awesome to me, in comparison to the rest of the amazing menu. I usually LOVE your recipes/videos. Ya’ know? While I won’t call it a pot of gold, I will say there was a really ono plate of Teriyaki Beef at the end of this Rainbow. A small brief bio of Mary can go here. An island favorite and iconic dish the loco moco made Wolfgang’s style with a homemade hamburger steak patty served over hot steamed rice, topped with a fried egg and smothered in rich brown gravy. Here’s how I did it: 2) Mix ground beef, onion, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper together in a large bowl. Here’s how I did it: MJ’s Loco Moco Recipe (Serves 4) 4 cups rice (I used Jasmine) 1-pound ground beef. I didn’t use Spam, like he did. It is also the name of a chain of Hawaiian restaurants offering a variety of local rice dishes. Not house-made. You can find Loco Moco everywhere in Hawaii, no joke. Totally Buffalo Store to Open November 13th in Amherst. From all the years I’ve been eating there, the mac salad is usually how you describe it. Now those guys know how to grill burgers and brew brown gravy! Which entrees do you recommend? After spending 20 years in the Buffalo media, I moved on to focus on my beautiful family. Written by Lifestyle Contributor, MJ Cimato of Cooked Buffalo. The last really good Loco Moco I had was at Big City Diner at Ward. lol) with it! Tags: food, foodie, Lifestyle, totally buffalo, Welcome to Totally Buffalo! Chicken cutlet in gravy, or if it’s a Wednesday, the pork roast. Rainbow’s is certainly doing something right, because the place is always packed. I personally like the Rainbow’s gravy with the slight chili flavor in it. As an Amazon Associate Onolicious Hawaii earn from qualifying purchases. I came face to face with Geoffrey Zakarian at a wedding once and bee lined the other direction out of nervousness. And the orangy color, not reddish, is similar to the STANDARD Mom and Pops Diner gravy you would find in the 50’s and 60’s all around Oahu. This debate inspires me to go back to Rainbow’s this weekend and verify my take on it. There is nowhere in the world that will stick to one recipe and appeal to EVERYBODY. Purses for PUNT – the show MUST go on – even if it’s a bit different! I like something just in the middle, a beef gravy (with a bit shoyu/soy sauce...because that's how you do it local-style). That’s good stuff!”<<. It’s also conveniently located within walking distance to Waikiki beach, making it a popular stop for hungry tourists, surfers and sunbathers. It must be their standard brown gravy recipe, because my girlfriend ordered a veal cutlet plate with gravy from there before and it had that same weird chili flavor in it. Nothing that would win any hamburger steak plate competition. I am born and raised in WNY and my pride runs deep. I’ve only tried the teri sandwich there. Been going to Rainbow for years and years. MUST be fried, sunny-side up. The macaroni itself was way overcooked and soggy, making it taste and feel like I was eating a spoonful of straight mayonnaise. With a locomoco you either got it or you don’t, but no way can you mess up on the brown gravy…no way man! At least I HOPE that was the case. Required fields are marked *. Confession: My name is MJ, and I’m addicted to the Food Network. Pan fry or broil the patties to desired doneness. Some say it was invented at Lincoln Grill. Your email address will not be published. For the true loco moco connoisseur, Cafe 100 in Hilo has an extensive menu including several creative variations on the basic loco moco. I don’t shy away from a challenge, so I tried to make it at home a few weeks ago. And then go experiment with all the fancy ones! » Loco Moco Gravy | We Bring Hawaii To You. Shoots, I’m happy with the packaged brown gravy mix in the supermarkets. Also: don't feel bad about buying the components too...no one is judging if you prefer to buy pre-made patties or gravy. I agree with Rocky here, Cafe 100 here in Hilo is like the Baskins & Robbins of locos. :-). It’s all about ambiance. And others with super fancy rice and rare mushrooms. ?” In addition to the chili flavor, the gravy has good rich flavor and texture. Hope you made a tasty loco moco , Your email address will not be published. You don't need a recipe! But! Perhaps the cook or owner thought so highly of their Chili, which is also a popular item at Rainbow’s, that they figured they’d include some of that flavor in the “brown” gravy. I saw on Guy’s DDD that the gravy is homemade and has tomato paste in it, hence the slightly reddish color? Yup, that DDD episode revealed exactly what my suspicions were. They also have souvenirs that would make great gifts especially for Hawaii expats…. I was ready for something new. It is not fancy food. Pomai, you may have point about returning to Hawaii. Remove any excess oil from the pan and set aside for the gravy. Interestingly, they also put Opae (dried shrimp) and konbu in the pot while making the stock for the gravy. Remove from the heat and let stand for 5 minutes. So if this was broadcasted on national television, it’s gotta’ be great, right? Good ground beef, don't mess around with it too much. For the rice: Wash the rice under cold running water until the water runs clear. Aside from maybe breakfast stuff. Whichever ones I/we get, I’ll make sure to get that BEST Mac Salad (them be fightin’ words! In a medium saucepot over high heat, bring the chicken broth to boil. Thanks for the alert! In fact, I think they lay claim to actually having invented the loco moco. Tag @CookedBuffalo on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so I can see how yours turned out! I was searching for a good teriyaki gravy to put on teriyaki patties for our homemade loco mocos and I came across your review. In fact, I could barely eat half the plate until I finally couldn’t take anymore of that weird gravy and tossed the rest. • Yelp! I’m dramatic, hence the capital letters. Here’s my plate, and the plate from Seabar. tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. But Costco over Zippy’s? Can you believe the shock haha. in a week. After surfing Diamond Hd, playing volleyball at Queens surf, there’s nothing I want more than a plate lunch (preferably teri beef, or pork cutlet gravy all over) with extra mac. Going be home in maybe three weeks! A few months ago, I went to Seabar for dinner and was convinced to sample the Loco Moco. I enjoy gravy too, but wouldn’t appreciated that chili taste either! Loco Moco comes on a plate. Common’ now, you can’t come to Oahu and not hit-up Zippy’s at least once! I've seen Loco Moco topped with truffled gravy and truffles shaved all over. Here’s how to make it! Loco Moco. Demi glace is a rich, glossy brown sauce from which the liquid has been partly evaporated, typically flavored with wine and served with meat. Thanks for sharing the variations too, now that I'm destressed, I can feel creativity coming back . I didn’t taste that. Fry a burger patty. As far as the establishment itself, it’s truly a Kapahulu avenue old timer landmark, with all the ambience of a local style plate lunch stand. You’re missing out. Something mine. Buffalo Man Sinks a hole-in-one and gets a BIG payout. Absolutely was da’ best’s’est! It's made of rice, burger patty, gravy, and fried eggs. Or if you have a favorite dish you like from there, please leave a comment and let us know. After the original owners sold (and the second owners too, I think), it went down hill. Canned meat makes my skin crawl, but do you. Under that were two over-easy eggs, which I would have prefered sunny side up (they didn’t ask), but that’s OK. At least these were done perfectly, with the yolk still runny, just how I like it.


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