Thanks for the giveaway chance. What if your borders were red and pink and white crumb blocks and you trimmed them even. Denim Quilt ..,, The reason I missed my 6:00 a.m. exercise, Girls Weekend and St. Patricks Day Give-a-way, Quilt Diva Quilt by Julie plus another Give-a-way. Thanks for the chance to win your amazing bright fabric. Thanks for the chance to win your amazing bright fabric. Hi Julierose! If you have a quilt back ready for a project that size or if you would like to make one for us to use, please leave a comment below so that I can add you … actually love anything between two pie crusts!! Reply. Thanks for sharing. I am making the Diva on the back of a denim shirt to wear at our Quilt Divas Guild. That meat pie sounds yummy - you have a very handy hubby! Border strips will be a good idea, great advice from Julie! I came here from Julie's blog. Lol. LOL It looks great! Lovely fun fabrics - it would be great to win! I absolutely love your patterns for the Quilt Diva. Thanks for the great giveaway! Frankenquilt. Haven't had time to do much quilting in the last few months, but I've been plugging away and hope to finish a few UFOs. Reply Delete. Have the pattern need to find the right fabrics and the time to make it...keep telling myself I will squeeze some time in between customer quilts, here's hoping that this will be my week, lol. I am going to a quilting retreat mid March so I can make the Quilting Diva without interruptions. Mo.Had it hanging on my design wall for a while waiting to do the blanket stitch while I made Christmas gifts. I just finished a top using that combintion. ~smile~ Roseanne. I don't have this pattern yet, but I think I need to make the Quilt Diva quilt for my sewing room! Your pie looks amazing, what a wonderful meal! LOLHugs. Such fun. I love your quilt, it isn't Frankenquilt it's a wabi-sabi project, love the colors!!! Thanks for a chance - that fabric looks fantastic. I could if I win! I'm a quilt diva - known as Lime Green Linda!!! I'm sure I'm a quilt diva... or at least a totally devoted quilter. Great giveaway and I hope I win! happy new year! I'm currently completing stitching on a Proud to Be A Quilter top that I put together in your class when you came to MWQ in Spfd. "I've Seen fire and I've Seen Rain"--Log Cabin Loonies, 4th of July Baskets--A FINISH SIL's Zig Zag quilt finishing, 4th of July Baskets--hand quilting progress, A little sunshine during this difficult time....;))). Oh no the quilt is back into time out?! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. I've been making cushions this week while I'm waiting for my batting to arrive! I spent three days this week at a sewing retreat and finished up my Birdie Stitches quilt top and got quite a bit done on a friends quilt I embroidered. I sadly admit I have no Quilt DIva - to make a quilt or anything - so this bundle would be fun. That is a great pattern. Thanks for the opportunity. I've been jumping around a lot from one project to another lately. Julie sent me over to check out your fun to see her quilt here!I love those fabrics! Estou fazendo uma colcha de estrelas de papel,tenho 60 estrelinhas prontas e indo.Vamos ver se eu vou me tornar Diva quando ganhar seu presente.Muito obrigada. See more ideas about Quilts, Applique quilts, Quilt patterns. The quilt Julie made is awesome - front and back! What awesome fabric! Somehow those colors keep me so excited and motivated that I can't sleep at night and I don't want to leave my sewing room!! She is a true Quilt Diva. gosh!!!! The pie looks yummy. Oh I am a quilt Diva in a mixed bag of nuts kind of way...Love the fabrics and your quilt. Is that what you're going to try? White Plains Curiousity July (34) June (28) May (32) April (54) March (39) February (32) January (31) 2008 (166) December (31) I have just finished two quilts and will be starting one for my husband soon. A man who cooks!!!! I must be a Quilt Diva because I eat, sleep, and play with quilts. I have the Quilt Diva pattern, but haven't had the time yet to make it.I'm too busy quilting for our next group exhibition . I have a 'Garden Fence' quilt to finish before a wedding(not mine!!) Perfect for a new spring project. I feel like a Quilt Diva every time I enter my sewing room/space/studio. I just finished up 2 of your quilts and the Quilt Diva is next on my list. Share to Twitter … Now to decide on how to quilt it. ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965) Besides the thought provoking quotes on Julie's blog, she has a lot of … Love, love, love this fabric! In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. in April! I just finished a baby quilt and will be starting a new group exchange quilt on Wednesday I have binding to make & see onto another quilt. It's been a long time since I've made one. Yes, I'm a Quilt Diva, too :-) Mine hangs on the sewing room door. At least I'm not getting bored! What fun to play with those happy colors and prints! Thanks for designing such a fun & enduring pattern!!! Necktie Pillows - A Keepsake from Quilt Diva Julie. Explore. I am currently working on Black Beauty and hope to finish that at the retreat as well! That pie looks yummy! Fabric is good:). Love Alter Ego. Its busy enough that i dont think anyone would be the wiser. I just finished a baby quilt and will be starting a new group exchange quilt on Wednesday I have binding to make & see onto another quilt. I've just got to make a Quilt Diva quilt for my studio. mmm....Meat pie. Thanks for the giveaway. Thanks. Happy New Year, Julierose! I am making two quilts at the moment, one is a wall hanging for me and one is a quilt for my sister-in-law's birthday. I'm a Diva wanna be - winning these fabrics would help me attain that goal! I have never been a fan of meat pies until we discovered a great recipe for tourtiere last year and now I love it. So do the … Isn't it great to be a part of blogland where you can find (plead for !lol) answers to your sewing problems;)))) Thanks for all your helpful comments, encouragement and empathy.... hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (taking a deep breath-euse) Posted by Julierose at 2:57 AM. A Tisket A Tasket # 3; Liberated basket works... A Tisket A Tasket # 4; Liberated basket works... BAD aka block a day=Merry Month of May cornerstones work, BAD aka block a day=Merry Month of May FINISH, BAD aka block a day=Merry Month of May progress. Great giveaway! Jan 30, 2018 - I am so excited to bring you this idea from "QuiltDiva" Julie Sefton of Memphis, TN. I hope it behaves at some point.


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