Allah will listen to your dua’s and will shower his blessings on you. It gives you positive energy and guidance. I belive allah …, Your email address will not be published. “We also encourage Muslim Americans to stop using these applications unless and until the companies thoroughly explain and fully end use of their data by government agencies.”. Then keep your hands on your abdomen and recite complete SUBHANA-KALLAH-HUM-MA……WA-LA ILAHA GHAIRUK. Asr prayer: Asar prayer is observed at afternoon. Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Creative Commons, Support RNS and get your donation doubled, Get the RNS spiritual guide to the 2020 election, Ranin Karim, woman in Carl Lentz’s alleged affair, seeks ‘closure’ in GMA interview, Mormon prophet says to ‘flood social media’ with gratitude this Thanksgiving week, Martin Luther’s pandemic advice goes viral — 500 years later. It is challenging to wake up early in the morning for prayer. Submit your details here. Before going to offer the prayer, it is compulsory to perform the ablution (wudu). So I would like to accentuate something on this subject today. Your Dua’s are not fulfilled and at the time of death, Allah will disgrace the person who does not perform his prayers. If you do not offer prayers, Allah will punish you on the day of judgment. If you offer this prayer, Allah will reward you. Always engrossed in creative tasks and ideas. I was wondering about the 5 names of prayer and their meaning. So, it is important to do good deeds at this time. Additionally, it restrains the person from bad habits and evil deeds. It is a most important obligation of a Muslim about which we will be questioned at the Day of Judgment so we should not consider it as unimportant. Muslim Pro is recognized by millions of Islam followers around the world as the most accurate Prayer times based on your current location with multiple settings available (angles). The Hadith clearly says that during the Zuhr hour, the gates of heaven are opened. IslamicFinder shows the most accurate/authentic Sehar time and iftar time in the holy month of Ramadan. It enhances concentration and reduces the level of depression. The app also offers a Quran with translations and audio recitations, as well as a map of halal restaurants and mosques, among other features. Previously worked as campus ambassador at Tisora Designs. Namaz, a word, binds every Muslim on this planet from a thread that connects them to Allah. The prayers must be said while facing in the direction of Mecca, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad. According to the Ahadith, in the night of Mi’raj – the journey of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) towards heaven on 27th Rajab,  prayer was made compulsory. 4 Rakat Sunnah is Gair-Muqtada which means it is rewardful if you pray but no sin if you leave it. And offering Salah is the most important at that time. This is a matter we take very seriously. Allah will give you success in life as well as in the hereafter. ; Sawm: Ritual fasting observed during Ramadan. Once the Wudhu has been completed, it’s time to find a place to pray. After the first prayer, Muslims perform their second prayer which is Zuhar(Dhuhr). Really, i impressed with your valuable meaningful information in regards of Namaj with its significance. So, try to offer Fajr prayers to seek the protection and blessings of Allah Almighty throughout the day. Islamic prayer times – Islam has five basic obelisks faith, prayers, fasting, pilgrimage of kaaba and paying zakat. Prayer is an obligatory act of worship that cannot be omitted except in a few circumstances like menstruation or 40 days of bleeding after childbirth etc. As it is the last prayer of the day, if you offer your prayer before sleep, you have a more peaceful night. Offering the prayers at Islamic prayer times, Jummah Prayer Benefits – The Importance of Friday Prayer in Islam, Namaz times to perform the important religious obligation, 5 Times Prayers in Islam – Benefits and Blessings to Achieve Right Now, Prayer Times - Muslim Prayer timings are different to each country, 5 Times Prayers in Islam - Benefits and Blessings to Achieve Right Now, Dua for Entering Mosque – Supplication Upon Entering the Mosque, How to Seek Forgiveness from Allah for Major Sins, Wazifa to control your nafs – Islamic Wazifa and Information, Powerful Wazifa for Girls Marriage Proposal – [100% Result]. As ALLAH has said in the Holy Quran that. So feel free to contact us with inquires, partnerships, advertising, comments, or site images, photos and any content issues. Startup news and stories doing the rounds. WORLD WIDE PRAYER TIMES 2.7 million cities covered world wide. It relieves stress and forms peace of the mind that ultimately prevents diseases. It is 4 Rakat prayer – 2 Rakats Fard and 2 Rakats Sunnah. Prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam so it must be performed at the described specific Islamic prayer times. It includes total 17 Rakats encompassing 4 Rakats Sunnah, 4 Rakats Fard, 2 Rakat Sunnah, 2 Rakat Nafil, 3 Witr, and 2 Rakat Nafl. It is highly beneficial for body muscles and blood circulation. ; Shahadah: Reciting the Islamic profession of faith, called the Kalimah ("There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger").


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