Good vertical knockback, dealing more damage and knockback on a grounded opponent. The resulting trajectories of his throws gives him solid chaingrab and combo potential, and as all his throws look identical, he can perform mindgames on opponents by challenging the player's perception of where they will end up. Mr. Game & Watch appears in the following event matches: In addition to the normal trophy about Mr. Game & Watch as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter that are unlocked by completing the Adventure and All-Star modes on any difficulty with Mr. Game & Watch. Additionally, Mr. Game & Watch has many disjointed hitboxes in his attacks (particularly his down smash), giving him a surprisingly and sometimes deceptively good range. However, the few usable moves he has come equipped with high range and very large hitboxes, many of which are powerful finishers. His terrible matchups against top and high tiers remain more or less the same, as they can overwhelm him with speed (Fox, Falco, Sheik), outrange him (Marth), or chaingrab him to death (Ice Climbers). All of Mr. Game & Watch's attacks are based on the original Game & Watch games.For example, his Up Special, Fire, is based on the game Fire, in which the player must use a support beam to bounce characters jumping out of a burning building into a vehicle. Having been regarded as a lower mid-tier character in SSB4 (39th out of 55), Mr. Game and Watch has been significantly buffed in his transition to Ultimate. His throws have also improved, as they are all now performed much faster, with down throw being especially great at starting combos. Fox, Falco, and Sheik are among his worst matchups, as they have the mobility, KO power, and range to out-prioritize nearly all of Mr. Game & Watch's kit and score early KOs. For the character in other contexts, see, Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Matchups, Category:Mr. Game & Watch professionals (SSBM),, Pulls out an insecticide pump and presses on it, shooting a puff of insecticide out. Alternately, players can play 1,000 versus matches to fight Mr. Game & Watch. His aerial approach is just as poor; despite an above average falling speed and an average short hop, Mr. Game & Watch has among the worst SHFFLs in the game, primarily due to the fact that his aerials have significant ending lag, and that his neutral, back, and up aerials have the dubious distinction of not having the ability to be L-cancelled due to a programming error that lists them as special moves. Originates from, Pulls out a torch and swings it forwards. Several of his moves also have added ending lag, such as his up tilt, down tilt, and neutral aerial, and some of his moves are weaker finishers, such as his forward aerial. Originates from, Pulls out two hammers and swings them down on both of his sides. Has a long range, but significant starting lag. As with the other playable characters, Mr. Game & Watch has three trophies. Other new Brawl mechanics such as B-reversing also help him out, and the removal of certain Melee mechanics such as L-canceling affects him less than other characters. Originates from, With a diving helmet on, leans backwards, then swings his head forwards. Mr. Game & Watch's specials also allow for significant power; Oil Panic can absorb projectiles and result in a powerful resulting projectile, and his Judgment has near OHKO potential, as well as many other options. All of this gives him very poor matchups against a majority of the cast, including three nearly unwinnable matchups, although there are five matchups in his favor. The main character is simple and monochrome but has a timeless individuality. Mr. Game & Watch is notable for having unusual properties in most of his attacks; his forward tilt and smash, for instance, have Sex kick properties, harming others even after the primary hitbox dissipates. Up Smash - Octopus: With a diving helmet on, Mr. Game & Watch leans back and then swings his head forwards. False Game & Watches in the Subspace Emissary. If the button is mashed, Mr. Game & Watch will fire the insecticide quickly and rapidly. This attack cannot be L-canceled, though its landing lag is rather short (15 frames). From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki, List of SSBM trophies (Game & Watch series), List of SSBB trophies (Game & Watch series),, Conceptually, Mr. Game & Watch is the only 2D playable character in the, Mr. Game & Watch is technically the oldest playable character in the, That said, Mr. Game & Watch, as a character in, Counting the two versions separately, they, along with, Although Mr. Game & Watch has always been a unique character as opposed to a clone, he incidentally shared all of his attributes - except for his weight, air speed, and air acceleration - with Mario in.


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