[1m], Diagram 9.1 and Diagram 9.2 show the reading of the thermometers when an amount of water is heated for 5. minutes. 148 0 obj <> endobj The accuracy is stated as ±1 division. Alcohol should evaporate, but I would cut out the red part from your food anyway. Depending on the thermometer … With changes in temperature, the mercury expands and contracts, and the temperature can be read from the scale. Mercury In Glass Thermometer Safety Data Sheet Effective date: April 1, 2016 According to 29 CFR 1910:1200 and GHS Rev. State and. Diagram 8.2 shows the length of mercury column, = 25 cm when the ice cubes and water in the beaker are. Regarding mercury-filled devices, clinical thermometers have kinks to prevent the instant back flow of mercury. Scale . Depending on the thermometric gas, temperatures down to -200 °C or up to over +700 °C can be measured with a gas thermometer. When a substance gets hotter, it expands to a greater volume. Choose the suitable consistency of the thermometer. %%EOF Well, as it turns out, the type of thermometer you choose does indeed have a significant impact on your temperature reading as well as your all-around safety, so let’s take a look at the following digital thermometer and mercury thermometer comparison to check out a few reasons why. Digital Thermometer vs. Mercury Thermometer Diagram 8.3 shows the length of mercury column, l = 15 cm when the thermometer is placed in a hot liquid with … The Celsius scale is named for the Swedish scientist who devised it, Anders Celsius (1701–1744). This can happen when the glass breaks and mercury is released. How To use a mercury thermometer? This is the ice point. You are required to modify the car radiator system so that it can cool the engine effectively. Explain how the land breeze phenomenon occurs during the night time. New electronic thermometers and those that use a red dye and alcohol mixture are much easier to read and safer to use. A the constriction B the length of the glass tube C the thickness of the glass in the wall of the bulb D the volume of mercury in the thermometer i ,�����D�!�s���{�j��qH�h$v,�S ���[�"}`�B ���&`�)�]��8J����8/ �Nl The Fahenheit scale is named for German physicist Daniel Fahrenheit (1686–1736), who made the first mercury thermometer in the early 18th century. The length of mercury column, l = 5 cm. It works on the principle: ΔL α ΔT. It has linear expansion property and has a temperature range of -35°C to +500 °C(with compressed nitrogen). Mercury thermometers provide accurate, repeatable temperature readings from -40 degrees Celsius (which is also -40 degrees Fahrenheit) to 650 degrees Celsius (1202 degrees Fahrenheit). relationship between the increase in temperature and the mass of water in the polystyrene cup. The mercury thermometers were difficult to read and so did not always provide accurate information. When the mercury reaches the compartment, it means that the thermometer can not expand further and reach higher degrees of temperature. h��YmS�H�+����i4R�V�l�KBa��;���*��I�������]6�`���5�[OwO�3�3Br�pGr��QKGH��u��=�!j��G�;��1�ϥu� u�(kw|�j��j���uW�� (���`)|G!�@�!T�� These thermometers have been mercury free for a long long time and instead have a non-toxic liquid spirit that moved up and down in the tube as the temperature changes. However, at the axilla the average difference was only 0.018C, not significantly different to the core temperature. Relate the reading of thermometer with volume of water to make a deduction regarding the. mercury constriction glass tube bulb Which factor affects the sensitivity of the thermometer? The main reason they are not longer recommended is that mercury can poison you. in the polystyrene cup and the time of heating the water. The red liquid is probably alcohol (or mineral oil) & dye. Diagram of apparatus : Diagram of apparatus : Description Immerse the bulb of the thermometer into a funnel containing pure melting ice at one atmospheric pressure. explain the modifications based on the following aspects. This preview shows page 5 - 8 out of 8 pages. 6) Users. These liquid thermometers are based on the principal of thermal expansion.


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