widgetConfigurationId+"');");(i?document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]:document.body) .appendChild(n)}}}. widgetConfigurationId+"');");else n.onload=new Function("pswtb.loader.finish('"+e. Item number: 4370 We have also included the 4 long screws and 4 screw covers that came with our set but are no longer included in the set that is sold today. We used 3 of the plastic bushings and 1 of the capnuts. Little Tikes Playground 4370 Replacement Hardware PackParts included: (Refer to last picture to reference parts. Bubble Window with 4 Screws & Washers. try{pswtb}catch(ex){pswtb={}}if(!pswtb.loader){pswtb.loader={lsc:[],waitLoad:function(){var e= pswtb.loader;if(e.finish){for(var t=0;t<'+"/script>");this.waitLoad(); return}var i=navigator.userAgent.match(/msie [8-9]/i);n.async=true;if(i)n.onreadystatechange= new Function("if ((/loaded|completed/i).test(this.readyState)) pswtb.loader.finish('"+e. Retail $79.99 plus $39.99 shipping. We are sorry, but we do not offer replacement slides or walls for this playground. Little Tikes loopfiets Deze superleuke loopfiets is perfect voor je kleintje om lekker mee rond te rijden. ***There are 2 shipping options. Parts are not intended for resale. Reliable, sturdy and Little tikes spare parts and spare parts guarantee you perfect parts. LITTLE TIKES® PLAYGROUND Ages 3 - 10 years Please save sales receipt ... • Keep these instructions for future reference. Jeep® Wrangler Toddler to Twin Bed. widgetConfigurationId+"');");(i?document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]:document.body) .appendChild(n)}}}, Hardware: Axle (G-2), Axle (H-2), Brace (K), Instructions, Playground Surface Sheet, Bolt Covers (D-9), Bushings for Slide (M-4), Bolts (C-9), Capnuts (J-8), Tunnel Bushings (L-9). If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant Please note: The hardware pack is only compatible with the current version shown here. Little Tikes makes toys that last. Get the best deals on Little Tikes Replacement Parts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. You can also search for your replacement part by product name. Little Tikes Playground 4370 Replacement Hardware PackParts included: (Refer to last picture to reference parts. $39.99 . SKU: 343492000B. )Axle (G-2) - 2 piecesAxle (H-2) - 2 piecesBrace (K) - 1 pieceBolt Covers (D-9) - 10 pieces, includes 1 extraBushings for Slide (M-4) - 1 original bushing and 4 new bushings. )Axle (G-2) - 2 piecesAxle (H-2) - 2 piecesBrace (K) - 1 pieceBolt Covers (D-9) - 10 pie View Little Tikes parts here. All replacement sales are final. try{pswtb}catch(ex){pswtb={}}if(!pswtb.loader){pswtb.loader={lsc:[],waitLoad:function(){var e= pswtb.loader;if(e.finish){for(var t=0;t De loopfiets heeft drie wielen wat zorgt voor meer stabiliteit, hierdoor is het makkelijker voor je kleintje om het evenwicht te behouden. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. After locating your product, please check the information box on the product page for valuable product compatibility information. Our authorized Spare Parts Provider stocks a variety of component parts for Little Tikes products in current production. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750. The 4 new bushings are shorter than the original ones.Bolts (C-9) - 9 piecesCapnuts (J-8) - 8 pieces. $339.99. Articles, Romancing the Surrey with the Fringe on Top, By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our. • Prior to assembly, this package contains small parts: hardware which is a choking hazard and may contain sharp edges and sharp points. tag --> Little Tikes Playground is durable & Little Tikes outdoor playground is extra large & comes in bright colors. Toys, Dolls, Games & Puzzles "":"/"):"//embedded.pricespider.com/") +"WidgetScript.psjs?d=al&wc="+e.widgetConfigurationId;this.lsc.push({wcid:e. widgetConfigurationId,ops:[e]});if(navigator.userAgent.match(/msie [6-7]/i)){document.write('<' +'script type="'+n.type+'" src="'+n.src.replace(/d=al&/i,"")+'"><'+"/script>");this.waitLoad(); return}var i=navigator.userAgent.match(/msie [8-9]/i);n.async=true;if(i)n.onreadystatechange= new Function("if ((/loaded|completed/i).test(this.readyState)) pswtb.loader.finish('"+e.


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