We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Light Crusader on WII platform. Related Music. In the next room will be 2 goblins and a floor button. You get weird out-of-place lines. There is also an 8th option, with no name, that allows you to choose between 5 extra rooms, mostly used in credits scenes. Return to the ground floor Library and grab the Long Wooden Plank off one of the bookshelves. The European line made little sense, so in the US version, they wrote a small funny line instead. Lists all items' names, icons and types, as if they were being chosen from the inventory screen. You may not be able to notice them, but there are two security guard quarters off to the side of this hall. Correctly enter the code to be able to read the Journal, learning more abou the Leader. Doing so will take you back to one of the previously inaccessible side rooms in the hallway leading to the Basement Chapel, where you'll find Audio Tape 3 and a Camcorder Tape. Now return to the large Central Hall. Verdict. There is no item that serves as a shield. A copy of the 2nd portion of the city. The Camera does not actually take pictures, but the flash will briefly light up the surrounding area, which will allow you to get your bearings and navigate all the dark rooms in this basement area! If you retrieved the Audio Tape 1 from the Entrance Hall earlier, you can use the Voice Recorder to play it from the Item menu! When the coast is clear, attempt to leave the Mansion via the front door. If you go out of bounds next to where the door is, you'll notice there are walls that enclose a path that actually leads to the door. After Ramiah/Huster is defeated, the Guildmaster... professes his/her love to David/Ramiah/Huster? Type: drink. Enter the Electrical Control Room and go through it to reach the Weaving Classroom. Sprint as fast as you can back to the elevator hall (just one screen east! Note that that to deactivate the mode, you have to press X+A again, and this A press will toggle the tile's foreground flag just before deactivating the mode. It was also included on the Sega Genesis Mini in North America and Sega Mega Drive Mini in PAL regions. Lord Roke is looking for a very old stone tablet. The Breaker Box contains a column of six switches, and each switch will toggle a certain pair of lights along the left and right sides. To access these, use the FLOOR debug menu. I appreciate the compliment. before starting her beautiful song in the PAL version. You must aim at the four orbs that are buried in Huster's body! There might be another menu hidden inside the game. That's what happens when you try to jam a tiny bit of romance where it doesn't fit. You'll enter a bizarre dream sequence. An unused piece of chest armor. When prompted, choose Don't Leave THREE TIMES. Help out other Light Crusader players on the WII by adding a cheat or secret that you know! Simply press the indicated keys, alternating between the two in order to loosen all the screws. When you gain control of your character, head north and attempt to open the Locked Gate. The code is related to the date your just learned. Light Crusader is an action-adventure game developed by Treasure and published by Sega for their Sega Genesis console in 1995. Entering the correct password will open the panel. (22) If you use this when submerged in water, it'll be transformed into a water bottle. A toggles the foreground flag: if it's on (thick outline), it's possible for sprites to go behind the tile and its walls, if the tile supports it, while off (regular outline) makes it always appear behind sprites. Press Up and Down or Left and Right to toggle the tracks. To revitalise the evil demon they need blood. "[17], "Light Crusader (Sega Genesis) - Overview", "CVG Review: Mega drive whizz-kids Treasure are back — can they continue their uninterruptred run of success? If you lose your way, please consult the oracle, who is bound to help you. - Light Crusader", "Raitokuruseidā (mega doraibu) - famiutsu.


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