In particularly, Bhabha speaks about the importance of the English book as a sacred commodity fetish that not coercively. Language conveys their meaning, so in one hand it is a cultural production and in another hand is considered as a symbol of mother's culture independence. Each of these languages has its own colonial history, and each helped spread European empires. Knowing these languages' aspects, make colonialists to put the most emphasize on ruination of languages of low level classes. During colonization, colonizers usually imposed or encouraged the dominance of their native language onto the peoples they colonized, even forbidding natives to speak their mother tongues. However, European empires of the 16th to 19th centuries often did something t… Colonial languages were the language of politics, which meant that a lack of fluency was a natural barrier preventing many colonized people from gaining political power. As with the ancient Romans, early modern European empires used their own tongues as the administrative language, requiring local chiefs and officials to master it as well. Many writers educated under colonization recount how students were demoted, humiliated, or even beaten for speaking their native language in colonial schools. This paper elaborates on the idea of Homi K. Bhabha that teaching English serves as a tool for the colonizing of certain culture.


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