It’s a little pricey but so well worth it! We ate in the barn on picnic tables and enjoyed each having each other around! How long do I bake it? The Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting is completely from scratch. A creamy, smooth, and sweet key lime cheesecake filling inside a prepared graham cracker crust. Other than linking to a page Call Me PMc asks that you do not copy or otherwise use images or original recipes for any other purpose. Wow, was it fabulous! The frosting was excellent, although I "limed" it up a bit and added extra juice. My local Walmart has had the larger size cake mixes again, but def lower liquid amounts if the box is 15.25 oz. I’m so glad your family loved it! If you would like to use any of my pictures you must first contact Call Me PMc & get written permission. Lemon and lime were too tart, I tested with all 3 diff flavors. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. It’s like taking a big bite of spring and summer. It relaxes me, unless I have to bake something and I’m in a time crunch, then I get stressed fearful that it won’t turn out right. Thanks I will defiantly purchase one and retry. Before you make this recipe, take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator and let it sit until it’s softer. This moist cake is buttery and flavorful with a bright green cake and a delicious citrus cream cheese frosting. Everyone was asking for the recipe. It’ll taste a smidge less flavorful, but you can be the judge as to whether you mind that trade-off. Remove from pans, and cool completely on wire racks. Garnish with key lime whipped cream for the best no bake dessert. And it's true! This Key Lime Pie Bundt Cake has such a light, zesty and refreshing flavor! Add flour alternately with milk, beating well after each addition. Using a lime jello packet gives this cake its zing, along with the fresh limes of course. This turned out really well for me. I put 1 and 1/3 cup of oil. I’ve made this 4 times since I found this recipe since 2016. When I saw this for cake. They usually settle for long hikes on our land with family and a nice birthday meal we can all enjoy together. Grease and flour three 9-inch round cake pans. Combine all ingredients in your standing mixer and beat on high until smooth. I made this for the first time ,it is truly a pound cake dense and delicious. Transfer to prepared pan. If you’re a fan, too, I betcha you’ll go nuts for these mouthwatering Key Lime Bars. I ran out of Orange Juice and used 1/2 cup of the OJ with 1/4 cup of Key Lime Juice! In large bowl, cream butter, cream cheese, juice and zest with electric mixer until light and fluffy. I work long and hard to perfect my cake recipes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I’ll let you know when that is the case and appreciate your support. Does it matter? Beat in lime zest, vanilla and lime juice. From the time they could talk, the kids were in charge of how we spent their birthday (within reason). Pour into cake pans. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Cool in pan on a rack for 10 minutes. The icing came out great but the cake not so great.. Dense, buttery, and full of delicious key lime flavor. Very easy to make, my family enjoyed it. And I liked the way the outer crust came out a bit crunchy with a creamy inside. I told him. Tried this recipe? Make sure you allow more baking time. It’s not to tart and not to sweet! You’ll get some pulp, but that can be easily removed. For more scrumptious recipes, fun projects, and exciting news, subscribe to Call Me PMc —Pat Stewart, Canton, Georgia, Key Lime Pound Cake Recipe photo by Taste of Home. How to make the Best Key Lime Cake (the best tips and tricks): Whip oil, eggs, whole milk, lime juice, and lemon zest for about 2-3 minutes. Have you calibrated your oven. Thank you so much for letting me know Emily!!! A few drops of green food color (optional). Cool the layers in the pans for 5 minutes, then turn them out onto cooling racks and allow them to cool completely. I made this for my sisters birthday and it turned out so goooood! Just finished making this, whipped up super fast, tastes heavenly! Family Life, Reflections, & Homeschooling. My daughter Emilia (we call her Milly) enjoying a slice of her Key Lime Birthday Cake. It would be amazing. Preheat oven to 350°. Can’t wait to try this as I love all things lime! My mom doesn’t like cake, but she definitely loved this one. BEST 5 FLAVOR POUND CAKE RECIPE with 5 Flavor Butter Glaze, Easy Key Lime Cake with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting – My Blog, HASHBROWN POTATO CASSEROLE NO CREAM SOUP {aka Funeral Potatoes}.


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