Italian verb conjugation. Past. It conjugates with the verb essere. Italian verb conjugation andare in all tenses. It is intransitive. cant-are) add the ending -i whereas verbs in the second and third groups (e.g. Imperative is precisely the tense used there.. How do we form Italian imperative?. Present. Italian verb conjugation andare to the masculine. Italian imperative – how to speak formally. Italian Verb ANDARE - to go. You can also use a form of the imperative to make suggestions. The pronouns tu, Lei (the formal way of saying you) and voi all have their own forms of the imperative, although you don’t actually use these pronouns when giving orders and instructions. This explanation covers the indirect (formal) imperative form, that is to say the formal third person singular with ‘Lei’ rather than the second person ‘tu’ form. Andare is an irregular verb. ; The tu imperatives for -ere and -ire verbs and the voi and noi imperatives for all three classes of verbs are identical to the non-imperative forms of the present tense. Present-va',vai vada andiamo andate vadano . Conditional. mett-ere, dorm-ire) add the ending -a. Imperative. io andrei tu andresti lui andrebbe noi andremmo voi andreste loro andrebbero. Italian imperative Using Italian imperative. If you want to give orders, then Italian imperative is the mood you are looking for.. Before I explain to you the rule of Italian imperative, read the recipe I wrote up some time ago. This form is like let’s in English. Other forms . For regular verbs, those belonging to the first group (e.g. There is also a formal plural form of the imperative. Print - Export to Word. When you are speaking to someone you don’t know well or you want to be polite to, you use the formal imperative, specifically the third feminine singular person Lei and the third person plural Loro.. The tu imperative form for -are verbs ends in -a.; The negative tu imperative for all classes of verbs is formed by the infinitve. The polite form with loro is extremely rare in the Italian language.


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