Ah, the everlasting debate. Wow! Thanksgiving Steals & Deals are here! In one definition of vegetable you have animal, vegetable or mineral. While we are taught in schools that tomatoes are vegetables and not fruits, this same knowledge becomes a bit dicey as we grow up, when we realize that fruits and vegetables can be defined from different perspectives. This is because fruits contain seeds. The justices voted unanimously that tomatoes are eaten as vegetables and therefore are vegetables. “Botanically speaking,” said Justice Gray, “tomatoes are the fruit of the vine, just as are cucumbers, squashes, beans and peas. It’s interesting how each profession considered tomatoes to be either fruits or vegetables based on their own requirements and perspectives. Firstly, it is true that tomatoes are fruits from the scientific angle. Check out some of these delicious recipes: Scientifically it's a fruit, but legally it's a veggie. Of the many people who argue that the tomato is a fruit, there is a handful that wonders whether the tomato is a berry. Brandon Lobo (author) on December 22, 2011: Thanks Chuck that's good to hear from an ethnobotanical herbalist. It's legal and technical mumbo-jumbo that claims it to be a vegetable. Brandon Lobo (author) on August 28, 2014: Thanks GypsyOwl, glad you liked it and it's so kind of you to leave such a kind comment. Will keep that in mind when :). Whether you knew this already or not, the fact that tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables, is a source of puzzlement. At coocking school they say that tomatoes are vegetables ( I'm talking about a high level school ). I enjoyed the transition, flow, and importantly the conclusion. By the way this site really helped my daughter with her science project. Haha tough question :) I've never had squash so I personally don't know. So the answer whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable is not very simple. From the scientific angle, a tomato is a fruit because it contains seeds and fulfils certain criteria that all fruits have to meet. Voice going hoarse with tomatoes, you must really love them. The botanical classification is correct, that's a fact. Yes, the tomato is, in fact, a berry. How to Make Ross Geller’s “Moist Maker” Sandwich, How to Make Peanut Butter Cinnamon Snap Cutouts, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. That cultured city can no longer push them on to a suffering world as fruit.”. In 1893, the high court was forced to rule on whether imported tomatoes should be taxed under the Tariff Act of 1883, which only applied to vegetables and not fruits. These help protect the eye against light-induced damage. In fact, cooking tomatoes actually make them even healthier, which is just one of 20 food facts that could change the way you eat. A former in-house editor at Taste of Home, Kelsey now writes articles and novels from her home in Milwaukee. All actresses are actors but not all actors are actresses. ), So I pose this...squash blossoms are edible (and delicious), and once the blossom is fertilized and produces the squash, the squash is edible, too, but contains seeds. Sometimes they are the main ingredient of a recipe. In that case apples should be considered vegetables, instead they are not. All rights reserved. Remember to smile and have fun, fun, fun , , . Words do have multiple meanings including vegetable like animal, vegetable or mineral. Here's why people are still confused. Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? In 1886, importer John Nix and colleagues landed a load of West Indian tomatoes at the Port of New York where the resident customs official—one Edward Hedden—demanded payment of a ten percent tax in accordance with the Tariff Act of 1883, which levied an import duty on “foreign vegetables.” Nix, who knew his botany, objected, on the grounds that the tomato –a fruit — should be tax-exempt. Louisiana, on the other hand, appointed the sweet potato state vegetable, but named the tomato the state’s official “vegetable plant.” (Louisiana’s state fruit is the strawberry; they’ve also got a state doughnut, a state jelly, and a state meat pie.). Answering "vegetable" will have a negative result, even though the game itself classifies a tomato as a vegetable. We eat plants and fruit. Now I’m hungry. Before things get too dicey, you need to know the definition of fruit, also: “the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially one having a sweet pulp,” per Merriam Webster. Utah and Delaware now have official state stars. The tomato plant, however, is a fruit-bearing plant which propagates through the germination of fertilized seeds which develop from a fertilized ovary. When plants have sex, their children are the fruit like the fruit of their loins. Hi Sbrina2write, thanks for reading and commenting :). Our word fruit comes to us from the Latin fructus or frui, meaning to enjoy; vegetable, a more stolid, commonsensical kind of word, comes from vegetabilis, which means growing (as in plants). In New Jersey, it’s the official state vegetable. Chefs, however, tend to agree with science, including Gordon Ramsay: Tomatoes have seeds it's a fruit https://t.co/mtuQk7wc3f. Plus, tomatoes have lots of fruit-like characteristics: they’re often sweet, bursting with juice and they taste really good with cheese (OK, that last one is definitely a personal preference). Thanks for the insightful comment jenubouka. I learned a lot about the tomato, even though I was aware that it is a fruit. Chuck Bluestein from Morristown, AZ, USA on April 09, 2012: Beans are considered in their own group as legumes. You can let them know what you think by voting online or on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #tomatodebate through April 8. Arkansas: The tomato is the state fruit and vegetable. Could it be both? Tomatoes are now the fourth most popular fresh-market vegetable behind potatoes, lettuce, and onions in the world. ;) Actually most of the common vegetables are fruits - It's really interesting if you actually think about it while cooking or grocery shopping. This list can go on. However, our everyday language sorts fruits and vegetables in a fairly straightforward manner: fruits are generally sweet and enjoyed raw or, if cooked, tend to be used in desserts. It is well written, informative, and kept my interest a lot longer than I expected it to. Six states, for example, chose the apple as their symbolic fruit, and three opted for the strawberry. Also, fruit or vegetable, tomatoes will always have a special place in my heart :). Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. In botany, a fruit is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant, whereas vegetables are all other plant parts, such as roots, leaves and stems. So young Twain took the watermelon back to the farmer and conned him into apologizing and handing over a ripe one. Here lies, in my opinion, the solution to the slippery conundrum of fruit vs. vegetable. A tax debate. © © 2019 Parenting Healthy Babies Information on this website is for education purpose only. In the food category, we have official state fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, herbs, beverages, muffins, cookies, and pies. To a botanist, a fruit is an entity that develops from the fertilized ovary of a flower. Thanks. I see stars in a field of black, unlike physicists and astronomers who see stars in a field of matter that's so challenging to understand. Also featured at the Fair was the National Garland of Flowers, for which each state was asked to select a representative flower. And a banana is a berry.https://t.co/oH9rIcJMWs. Here’s how the tomato debate is going so far: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. But, before you leave this page thinking you've got your answer, you should also know that the Rhubarb is considered a fruit in the kitchen because it's sweet. So things like beets, spinach, and broccoli are all vegetables. Haha I never new fried green tomatoes taste good! “This is rough on Boston. Some chefs may cook or use tomatoes as a savory element, but others might use them for their refreshing sweetness. Inspite of tomatoes being so popular for the right reasons today, around 200 years ago, it was thought that they were poisonous in the United States (U.S.) Maybe this misconception was due to the fact that the plant belongs to the toxic nightshade family. People always say that the tomato is a veggie, but I tell them that in terms of botany, the tomato is actually a fruit. On the whole, you can’t deny that tomatoes are definitely fruits…but, it’s complicated! The tomato is beloved coast to coast. Even with these definitions, some people still claim tomatoes are vegetables—and they’re not wrong. Vegetables, on the other hand, consist of different plant parts, such as stems, leaves or roots. Merriam-Webster defines a fruit as: "The usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially: one having a sweet pulp associated with the seed." Tomato plants are annual crops. Although both sides cited dictionary definitions of the two words, the court sided unanimously with #TeamVegetable. But, why do horticulturists classify the tomato as a vegetable?


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