Question IMPORTANT NOTE: you do not want ANY leaks in your still, this is very very dangerous, Alcohol vapor is denser than air and will drop to floor level, and if you are running your still on a gas burner BOOM! First, take a sample of liquid off the top of your wash (avoid any residual solids from coming into the sample). At Spring44, we use only water directly from our artesian mineral spring located at 9,000 ft in the Northern Colorado Rockies.”, “I think distilling the best vodka starts with good quality grains, to be very sensitive to your heads, hearts and tails cuts, in addition to using good quality water and filtering.”, “I personally think creating the best vodka comes from starting with the best organic ingredients, then working to keep as much of their character as possible… even as vodka. could i just leave it at 143 until the condenser stops spitting it out i could discard that and then move the heat up to 173 to get the ethanol, correct? And then on to the post-process! LEAVEOUT THE BARLYAND DOUBLETHE SUGARBEETSTOPOTATORATIO. i read the recipe. Raise the heat of your mash to 140 °F. Bring temp to165. My tip for distillers would be to keep it simple and ensure you are using quality ingredients. ***, Browse By Step. will there be more foreshots? it will be easier if you add some hot water from the kettle. Cut the potatoes into small 1 inch cubes and cover them with two inches of water in a stock pot on the stove. 2 years ago. Put the potatoes into a pressure cooker. “Vodka is a tricky one and a good/great vodka requires many factors to be taken into consideration. That's kinda stupid of you to be saying on here. Turn the heat to high and boil the potatoes for 15 minutes. on Introduction, I'm not in the US, there are other places in the world other than the US where it is legal. We want the middle part known as the Hearts this is the best tasting and smoothest of the run. You should also be allowing your fermenter to cool to the same temp at this point as well, it will cool slower than the jug because of the volume. First off you will need a still to turn the low level of alcohol in to spirit, traditionally vodka is done in a pot still and is processed multiple times. One of the staples of the heads is a particularly volatile alcohol known as acetone. Grain, enzymes, water, and yeast produce the palette of flavors that you have to work with at distilling time, and different combinations produce a different set of flavors. Dump the remaining liquid that is in the still. Slowly, intrepid distillers set out to change that fact. once you have them all boiled up and in your fermenter you need to mash them up, or liquidize them, I used a stick blender but you could use a food processor or masher. We are going to make a Yeast Starter, Using a sterilized jug half fill it with liquid from the fermenter, let it cool to the working temperature of your yeast, which should be between 18 - 25 degrees C but check your yeast for its working temps. You should see the mixture’s volume double in this time. Congratulations, you just made a batch of delicious potato vodka. My hearts were 130 proof, once cut to 80 it is some yummy vodka. AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE PLEASE. 4 years ago. Similar to the foreshots, the heads of your run are filled with volatile alcohols. Making 2-5 gallon runs. Distilling Here’s George over at Barley and Hops Brewing explaining making cuts between your heads, hearts, and tails. First of all, we want to make sure the recipe actually works. -Fermentation temperatures and pH are vital for vodka production, so as not to stress the yeast and give more acetate/methanol resulting in a rubbing alcohol finish/feel to the final vodka. 3 years ago, you end up with a smoother vodka with potato vs sugar its not really about the yield and it s a traditional recipe. Let us know what you thought of this guide by leaving a comment or a star rating below. Now comes to process of separating your vodka from all of that other stuff. A quick bit on what Vodka is, other than tasty and good in cocktails and Mixers ;-). stir your yeast in to the jug and let it sit until the fermenter has reached the working temp of the yeast, then pour it in and give it a good stir, try and get some air in there with it if you can this will help the yeast get going before it gets in the main fermenter and should speed things up a little. This endeavor pushed vodka into the high-proof beverage we know and love today. Take the blanket off the fermenter and fill it up with a mixture of hot and cold water, you want to aim for a temperature of around 70 degrees C, if it's hotter it doesn't matter you will just have to wait for it too cool down, you want to take it up to just over the 23L marker. Now I am not sure if it was the fact that i was using an ale yeast or that I over filled the fermenter but at this point I popped the lid on, with an airlock in it, and went to bed. Note: it will be extremely hot! This blog provides information for educational purposes only. How many gallons of wash does this recipie make ? I was too busy cleaning it up to take a lot of pictures but I have some of the cap and a little of the mess from half way through cleaning it up. The final 35% of your vodka run will be the tails. Cut potatoes up into cubes to increase surface area. THANKS. It retained the nose of sweet potatoes and the subtle nuttiness of the potato. Stir mixture continuously until desired temperature is reached. So be sure to plan thoroughly and execute carefully to get the most out of your run. Cool mash to 75 °F. If you miss the mark slightly on a few of these steps, don’t get discouraged. You do realize if your in the United States that you committed a felony - Five years in Prison and forfeiture of your assets. If you’re following along with this guide, you have now officially gone from Googling “How to Make Vodka” to making vodka. Try using your fresh batch of vodka to make some tasty Bloody Marys. You’ll want to dial in your heat source setting to achieve a consistent 1-3 drips per second. The first approximately 5% of your run will be the foreshots. Let sit 10 minutes or until it quits running at 165 methanol will be gone. The recipe then states to pitch the water in with it, so you do retain the nutrients. It takes a sensitive and experienced distiller to get this process just right. The temperature after adding the water should be around 140 degrees. Bake until done then processor to liquified. I’m fortunate enough to be in the city voted “Best water in the US” so I don’t have a ton of experience adjusting water for anything serious. Did you make this project? Now, discard the water and mash the potatoes in a food processor. basically it's your call, But I would expect to get a max of around 2L of about 50% vodka from just potatoes on their own when distilled. Once the mash has been cooled transfer only the liquid to a sanitized carboy/bucket. tHe MORE SUGAR YOU PUT IN THE MORE IT TASTES LIKE SUGAR. Add 5 pounds of crushed malted barley, continue to stir while adding barley. The next 30% percent of your vodka run is known as the heads. can you please tell me how much enzyme to potato mash ratio plz thank you. We want it to cool to around 66 degrees C, this is the best working temp for the Enzymes in the barley malt, they work between 60 - 70 degrees C. What these Enzymes will do is to convert the starches int he potatoes in to sugars. i HAVE USED AMYLASE AS WELL BUT THE BARLEY GIVES IT A SMOOTHNESS AND NUTTINESS THAT GIVES THE vodka DEPTH AND CHARACTER AND cLASS . Siphon (do not pour) the wash into a copper still or stainless steel distiller. when DONE COOKING i USE A DRILL WITH A MUD MIXER ON IT. In this article we’re going to walk you through how to make your own vodka. Boil Potatoes for 20 minutes in 7 gallons of water. You can also smell and taste it and you will know when it has gone.Also worth noting that the methanol in your wash would be the same amount that is in beer or wine as its not taken out in those processes.


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