Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Less waste that way! I think both ways are great! Get more delivered to your email inbox. We’ve always composted them, but I’d prefer eating them. Easy and delicious! The tomatoes that seem to fill every square inch of my farmer’s market will surely be around for another week, but then they will slowly disappear, being replaced by an overabundance of winter squash and pumpkins. I love the idea of dehydrating the skins! Remove the jars to a clean, dry towel on a flat surface. Some people remove the seeds, but I like them in my crushed tomatoes. , I never canned before. Add a... Peel the skins off the tomatoes and discard. I do this by running my thumb and forefinger down each side of the tomato to scrape out most of the juice and seeds. Add a few tomatoes at a time to the boiling water. Store-bought tomatoes simply do not sing as do their locally-grown counterparts. We visited a farm last weekend to pick tomatoes and peppers. Slow-cooker {lazy} cabbage rolls with brown rice & herbs, When the bounty of fresh-picked tomatoes overflows in late summer, a quick solution is to put all the extras in the freezer. I bought a case of tomatoes this year, gave them a good rinse/clear and then froze them whole (three to a ziploc bag). I use all stainless steel in the kitchen anyway : ) With the coring, just to make sure I’m understanding correctly, just cut off the tip and then use the entry created to cut out a cylinder from the middle? Step 8: Continue to simmer on a low heat until a lot of the liquid has evaporated. The good thing about living in South Florida is that January begins “you pick” season. I tend to do both. On the end of the tomatoes make a small "x" with a knife, piercing the skin. She strives to teach her four children how to eat well: seasonally, locally, organically, deliciously and balanced. At this point, you can either can your crushed tomatoes in sterilized glass jars or freeze them. When I need some, I remove from the freezer, zap in the microwave for a minute or two, peel (the skin comes right off!) Step 5: To peel the skin from the tomato, start at the X on the bottom. Thanks for the inspiration . Thanks- I have a few boxes from my CSA that I have to do this week- so it’s perfect! Some people remove the seeds, but I like them in my crushed tomatoes. Here today, gone tomorrow. I was wondering whether it would have an effect on the calorie content, obviously that is already low but cooking or freezing foods can alter that slightly? I don’t do it all at once, but slowly and over the course of a few weeks: I work on simmering them while we go through our bedtime routine, let them process as I read stories and then settle down with my own book, and I finally drift off to dreamland as they cool. Step 2: Remove the core from the top of each tomato and cut an X at the bottom of each tomato. Step 3: Place the tomatoes in a pot of boiling water until the skin starts to separate from the flesh. I have the freezer space for a few quarts of frozen, and I have the pantry space for a few quarts and pints of canned. Step 1: Begin by rinsing off about 10 large freshly-picked tomatoes. My mom always froze tomato sauce when I was growing up. That’s a good question. Such a good post. Put rings and lids in place and process in a boiling water bath (45 minutes for quarts and 35 minutes for pints). Allow the tomatoes to cool. Immediately plunge them into a cold water bath to help loosen the skins. I hope that helps! Step 9: In a blender, puree the tomatoes. I’m not a canner, but freezing I will do! Hi, Kathryn. I have learned to can from my mom since I can remember, back in the 60’s. Smash them with the back of a spoon to release their juices. Cut the tomatoes until they measure about 2 cups. Seed the tomato pieces. Oh, and canned will last a bit longer on the shelf. I don’t even think I’ve ever used frozen tomatoes! Shaina Olmanson is the home cook and photographer behind Food for My Family, where she shares recipes, tips, opinions and her philosophy on food as she wades through the process of feeding her family, her friends and anyone else who will let her. I always prefer fresh lemons over bottled lemon juice as well, except when canning. I can my tomatoes now, but when I get too tired of canning (i do mine all in a long weekend), I put the rest in the freezer I like to add them to soup in the winter, and I use them to make vegetarian chili, yum!


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