That we physically benefit from exercise by increasing our flexibility, relieving aches and pains and burning body fat. Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! 43. Christ ran the race and he ran it perfectly (1 John 2:2). 27. If I am working out for the mental benefits, I need to just get moving no matter what because I know I cannot rely on my emotional state (which is probably pretty poor at the time if I am exercising to improve my mind or gain emotional control) to get to the treadmill. I hope you found a little inspiration today. I encourage everyone to exercise, not just for ourselves, but for the little eyes watching too. 21. ), read more books to develop you spiritually and perhaps cut out distractions such the TV, Internet, etc. But the fitness gurus tell us that the secret to success in health does not come from the juice cleanse or the extreme diet of carrots and apples for a month. 17. I urge you to experiment. It takes practice and training (1 Tim. To put it simply, we were told we needed to spend an additional 3 hours for each hour we were taught! 16. Instant Creativity: The best time to do something creative is directing after a workout when your brain juices are flowing! Pristine healthy is an aspiration almost as high as financial independence for many of us. Set yourself a goal and ask God to help you grow in Him. But, for this one, I’m going to get personal because I know firsthand, exercise is a better anti-depressant than any pill. When you fail to live a spiritually healthy lifestyle, remember that your salvation does not rest on what you do. Perhaps you are one of those who believe that because you attend church is evidence of your maturity or an indicator of your spiritual development. Please hear me, I believe church plays a vital role in our Christian development. How to Improve Your Strength and Flexibility. Call us at 833-843-2673. 22. Self-Control: Something a lot of people in recovery don’t have. Reduce Headaches: You can use regular exercise to prevent headaches but if you already have a headache, exercising won’t help. When you find a great church, the teaching and programmes offered become a pivotal foundation for your growth. I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified. You Become Happier: During exercise, a protein called BDNF (Brain derived neurotrophic factor) is released from the brain and is linked to happiness. Instead, it comes from making consistent and healthy lifestyle choices—in a nutshell, healthy habits. The bible gives us indicators of how we ought to live as Christians. 38. 4:15). Though imperfect, the analogy of healthy habits can be applied to the Christian life. Endorphins, a natural acting painkiller, also reduces pain. 31. But these habits are vital for they keep us from getting derailed when we are tempted, when we doubt, when we fail (Phil. Attention to Nutrition: When you start worrying about your physical health it’s only natural that you will begin to care about the foods you’re eating. Stick with a consistent schedule and you will lose weight. 6. Strengthen your Muscles: A consistent weight training program, which can include various styles (tai chi, yoga, weight training), of a few days a week, over time, will strengthen your muscles. A great life implies a healthy body that can endure. Second step: do not blog at work, get internet at home. But this is simply not so. We can emulate the people of Berea who studied the Word of God continuously, for themselves, in addition to what Paul and Silas taught them (Acts 17:10-12). 23. Sometimes, I never have the energy to work out, but it is the working out that will give me energy I crave. BDNF also influences learning and memory and plays a role in drug and alcohol addictions. Leah Baugh is a theologian and writer. 20. Gain Willpower: Willpower is self-control and training yourself for improvement. Low impact exercises are best to do this. Secondly, change your routine to work other muscle groups. Attention to Other Healthy Habits: When you’re taking care of your body and you begin to feel results, it motivates you to continue choosing other healthy habits, such as taking care of your mind and meditating. More Sociable: Working out gives us the confidence we need to be more sociable and able to make friends. 25. More Productivity: The two things that increase our productivity are mood and our energy levels. Mentally we gain emotional control and diminish depression and anxiety. 41. Thursday, 5 January 17. So, no matter what your physical goals are, here is some inspiration to help light that fire under your butt: 1. Improves Cognition: Working out has proven to improve blood flow to the brain thus improving cognitive abilities in children and adults. Exercise Your Spiritual Muscles and Become Spiritually Fit, Do you want award-winning journalism with a, Supreme Court blocks New York's COVID-19 restrictions on houses of worship, With free hot roasted chickens, a New York deli gives hope to scores of families in need, ‘In times of great adversity’: 7 Thanksgiving proclamations issued during national crises, After failed reconciliation attempt with HBC, James MacDonald says firing was unbiblical, Why we should consider the pilgrims superheroes of faith. A runner who does not train for the race might not finish the race and will surely come in far behind those who spent the months before the race training, and putting in their bodies only what will build their bodies up.


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