Pitch your yeast, adding it to the liquid and stirring to help the little yeasties on their way. You can use different types of barley, standard malted barley or ale often feature in the best moonshine recipes. Strain the liquid into a demi-john topping up to 1 gallon with cold boiled water, if required. Now I’d like to share another Irish Poitin cocktail: a minty Frozen Lemonade that your friends will love. This is common practice and many of the older generation today would still rub in Poitín to help with the relief of arthritis.”. Simply keep the same proportions as you make the necessary adjustments to quantity. Although poitin is quite a versatile creature and many types of cereals can be used, the best moonshine traditionally had barley as its backbone. Mad March Hare is a fine poitin that is crafted in Ireland using only malted barley. mad march hare ® recipe no.27. Hi there, Mark. Welcome to the new blogging paradigm. (2015, October 25). Copper pot stills are used (not column stills) and these contribute to the clean and crisp natured of the poitin. The word Poitín, is a Gaelic word meaning “small pot” in reference to the small pot stills used by the illicit distillers. “A good poitín should have a kick, it should have that heat, but there should be more to it. classic Irish Poitín distilled in traditional COPPER POT STILLS, from malted barley. Despite their many admirable attributes, Irish peasant farmers knew little about (non-livestock) branding. Due to this new strict tax by 1790, this number had fallen to 246, and by 1821, there were just 32 licensed distilleries in operation. It depends on how strong-lipped (and iron-chested) the imbiber is! Crank up the heat to 131 F (55 C) and Hold for another 15 minutes. This is a craft, small batch distilled Poitin from the newly created Glendalough Poitin company. In the past, the peasant would’ve dunked the grain in a bog then dried it in a kiln he’d built into the Irish countryside specifically for this purpose. Simple Break up the sweets, then Pop them into your bottle of poitín. Today, Irish Poitins are made in more professional settings, by such companies as Mad March Hare, which is based in Ireland. Combine all ingredients in a blender And everyone will have their own preferences, right? To represent the melting-pot heritage of Eastie’s Jeffries Point, one of the neighborhood’s oldest residential sections, head bartender Joe Camiolo mixes Glendalough poitín, made from malted barley and sugar beet, with the crimson Italian and French cordials Campari and Lillet Rouge. It’s important that it tastes of what it’s made of.”. Copyright © 2020 | TRACEY'S GLOBAL KITCHEN | All rights reserved, We use cookies to provide you with the best experience. When Cooley started distilling their first Single Pot Still (SPS) spirit at Kilbeggan, there were quiet rumors they had been experimenting at their main Riverstown distillery in Louth. When cool, add the activated yeast, cover loosely and keep in a cool place for 3 weeks, stirring at regular intervals. Hi there, David. Goodbye, green beer. Now to the business end of this recipe for moonshine, Distilling all that lovely Irish alcohol. The continuing denomination of ‘poitin’ as opposed to (a kind of) whiskey or perhaps ‘potato whiskey’, is a mite confusing it could be said. This bottle is something special as it was the “New Make Spirit” that was to set the stage for Dublin Whiskey to be reborn. I though you guys were all herbs like Aqvavit. This particular poitín is named after the O’Connell family, who’ve been distilling for seven generations. Another Teeling collaboration, this time featuring a collab between Teeling and Plantation Rum. 1/2 cup of ice A very rare, yet fantastic small batch Poitin that was unfortunately discontinued. 6. There are some distilleries that still produce it today with a tag on it, but there is not much need for it because many realize how strong of a drink it is, and are not wanting to drink it. Poitin was banned which made the substance illegal from 1661 to 1997. If you happen to also be afflicted by our national obsession with Irish bacon, you can even try flavoring it with that! (If you haven’t heard the voice of brew belching or it has petered out too soon, fermentation may be stuck or your yeast may have died, Give it a Shake or two.). https://sites.psu.edu/pattiarbogastirelandtrip/2017/04/07/how-to-make-poteen Hello, cocktails made with poitín, a rustic precursor to modern whiskey also known as “Irish moonshine.” Banned for centuries in Ireland, it’s now legal—and a buzzy spirit in Boston bars. This Cooley, Single Pot Still Poitin, (unmatured whiskey) was triple-distilled in Riverstown in the big pots stills there and is bottled at 65%. Often underwater, in a local bog or river. In making this easy moonshine recipe, it’s advisable to use such a pot still, but a modern column/reflux still is also suitable. Thanks Charlie here, Nice to meet you, Charlie. This Act made it technically illegal for anyone to distill spirits without a license from the Lord Deputy. The name of the Irish-made poitín Mad March Hare was inspired by an idiom about competitive male rabbits brawling during mating season. A rebellious legacy is alive in the heart of Ballykeefe, get your hands on this one for a traditional taste of Irish Poitin . We have chosen the Mountain Strength Poitins weighing in at a massive 55% AVB. Glendalough distillery is at the heart of craft distilling in Ireland. This will be about 80-85% of the contents – leave the bottom part where it is, there is a reason it has sunk so low, it’s of bad character and thus can be of no further use to you in your valiant quest for the best moonshine. This is an 1842 recipe for poitin ,pronounced Pah-cheen, - I have modified it for modern 'ease-of-use' boil 5 gallons of water and pour it over a mix of ten pounds of rolled oats ,unflavored oatmeal, that has had a pound of 6 row barley ,ground, and mixed in to it. 1. Glendalough Sherry finish is matured first in virgin Irish oak casks then transferred into Sherry casks for a final finishing. Transfer to your Carboy/Fermentation Bucket. The quantities we used produced a smallish batch, but if you’ve a shindig coming up and need more on the Irish drinks front that cane be accomodated. Given the ingredients, Step Mashing works best. Makes enough poitin for a small, spirited gathering. Shake with egg white, lemon juice and sugar syrup for a really excellent sour. West Cork Distillers produces a number of poitíns including its own brand, Two Trees. Yes, distilling poitín really isn’t too difficult. A little lime juice ties it all together. Mad March Hare Irish Poitín I love exploring the world through food and I hope you'll join me on my edible adventures—in my kitchen, out and about exploring NYC, and wherever my wanderlust leads. When fermentation has ceased, siphon the wine into a clean demi-john and add 1 crushed Campden tablet. Or, if that’s too many -thanols and shades to remember – and your brain happens to be part of a human, rather than a repository for some kind of alcoholic carpet sample book – simply recall the rhyme:If it’s yellow, it’ll blind a fellow. Use a Mill, but make sure you don’t grind it too finely. This had very little effect in Ireland until the 1700’s, as Crown control did not extend far beyond the Pale, a fortified area around Dublin. He is very much a local bartender with a love for poitin as he opened a hughly popular par called the 1661 bar just off Capel Street in the heart of Dublin City. The ANTIblog uses cookies to Enhance user experience. If you’ve a proper cooling setup, this isn’t a chore. 2. You should Turn the barley each day, ensuring the air dries it evenly. The toiling Irish poitin maker would’ve used bread yeast back in the day, but thanks to the wonder of globalization things like distiller’s yeast can make short work for you. Try this one with dessert. If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. Here are some suggestions…. Mad March Hare Poitín is a classic Irish Poitín of unrivalled smoothness and flavour, making it just as good over ice, with a simple mix or in a craft cocktail. If you go the herbal route, make sure to use only the fresh stuff (pods, seeds, leaves).


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