They also provide an online education degree to the students. education, healthcare, engineering, offices, banks, defense, art, entertainment, and online earning, etc. computer are used in different sectors.. such as in hospitals , home, banks, education, travel, data company, @ other financial institutions,research fields and many more.. The most important of computer is to keep a record of blood groups of the persons and their contact numbers on the computer. Online earning has now become a trend where the computer takes place like a root tool. 4) Computers are used in helping the military find out where all their assets are (Situational Awareness) and in Communications/Battle Management Systems. How to install windows and computer application programs? High school students: – Schools students can use a computer to learn Hindi English Typing. If you have cable I would recommend watching the shows ” Future Weapons” and ” Modern Marvles”. You can register online in these academies as a teacher as well as a student. 2) They are also used on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that uses GPS and Computers to help the missile get to the target. The computer network is the group of computers and workstations connected together via cable or wireless. Everyone has his own opinion about the computer. We can use computer for the administration of a hospital. Now it is the time of information technology. The show future weapons gives an entire hour to the predator. Defense field: There are many uses computers in defence such as: 1) Controlling UAV or unmanned air-crafts an example is Predator. A computer can work as a telephone and mobile and we can make and receive calls and messages through a computer. All information is exchanged through this network. Computers are used in hospital management system, patient history, CT Scan, X-ray, ECG, other medical... (2) Homes Customers can also check all transactions of the account. 4 Reprographics: is a process of reproducing multiple copies of a document. A computer used by various people around the world for different reasons and purposes. For this purpose computerized cameras and scanners are used to prevent any criminal activity. No country can make progress without technical education. Students can utilize internet services to learn more about their subjects and improve their vocabulary. This machine helped the clients and avoided them from long queues. It is very important to keep information about employees in a computer in the organization. Initially, the size of the computer was large as room size, but simultaneously it turns to smaller as an embedded computer. A computer makes easy our work in the office instead of a typing machine. Auto CAD (automatic computer-aided design) is the computer software that is used by engineers, designers, and architectures for designing vehicles, mapping of buildings, roads, bridges, and industries, etc. For example time of arrival and departure, seat information, cancellation of flight, atmospheric condition, etc. The uses of computer in health have now become necessary. For example, atomic technology, missiles technology, tanks, radars, and airforce is totally computerized. Now the online business is growing. It allows us to quickly respond to the services. Let us discuss the importance/uses of computers and, how it can work better for us? Earlier, this work was done by a type machine, but now this job is done by the computer with a printer instead of a typewriter. Different software are available to store data about different diseases and their symptoms. Like other department computers also play a great role in the army and defense system. The health department of each country is responsible to defend the people from diseases. There are many computer uses in different fields of work. Is iOS or Android More Worthwhile for Developers. Some serious patients must be monitored continuously. Computer Professional is earning hundreds & thousand dollars online from blogging, freelancing, create tutorials, writing ebooks, etc. Life Support System life support systems are used to help the disabled persons. We can send and receive patient reports in a short time. There are online stores available on the internet. Communication is the process through which we can exchange information from one computer to another computer. It is used to produce high-quality letters, proposals, reports and brochures etc. The Uses of Computer in the air system is very significant. A working model of an aeroplane cockpit is built with a large screen in front of it. We can do every work by computer with an internet connection from home. The computer is the luminous invention of modern science and now it is a part of our daily work. Doctors use the computer to keep the patient’s record, e.g. 8. Now all information is exchanged through a computer. Students learn about computer technology and get a qualified degree in computer technology. education, healthcare, engineering, offices, banks, defense, art, entertainment, and online earning, etc. 3 Spreadsheet Application: is used to maintain records and calculate expenses, profits and losses. We can store important facts about patients in computer we can keep record if his past treatment, suggested medicines and their results. Teachers use computers to teach the student about, e.g. All manufacturing processes can also be monitored and controlled by a computer, e.g. These bar codes are read by (BRC) Bar Code Reader device and data is direct goes to the computer. CCT’s cameras are installed in the bank, which captures and stores potages of the bank circumstances. We take print of all mandatory letters and documents of the concerned organization or department for keeping the official record. Computers also help them to reduce the overall cost of their business. A client can transfer the amount to another account and pay their bills online. Learn more. 1 Word Processing: is used to create documents electronically. Internet banking provides an online facility for clients to get full information about its account. The computer plays a vital role in education. If we go back about 50-years, there was no awareness of the uses of computers, and none of us known about the computer and its role in our daily work. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. Therefore, updated reports are available online regarding hygienic, diseases, medicines, and researches. We can quote order for any product, and the company ships its products at the home address. The store is the place where different types of items are lying for selling or buying. So, it turns into an essential tool for our work. Some of the prominent areas of computer applications are: Office automation is the process of automating office tasks using computers. In banks, this database is stored on the computer server. computer software, video tutorials, ebooks, etc. Many techniques are used for this purpose such as facsimile (fax), email and voice mail etc.


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