(i) He earns fifty thousand rupees a year. (Z) Before the Armed forces. A useful feature of the book is the inclusion of example texts and conversations, many of them authentic, to show how grammar is used in connected writing and in speech. But ‘the’ is avoided with their plural forms and persons to express a class. For example, (K) Before the words denoting numbers. If you’re a teacher, you can also use them if you are teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) totally for free! The rules for using articles in English are quite complex, so for students whose first language is not English, when to use an article, and which article to use can cause problems. For example, (T) Before a noun, qualified by adjectives. (The greatest general of his time), (B) Before names of materials. This information is important for learners. The book Oxford guide to English grammar is thorough in its coverage but pays most attention to points that are of importance to intermediate and advanced learners of English, and to their teachers. 0 Definite and Indefinite Articles (B1) ART007 - Definite and Indefinite Articles; ( One person holding two  posts . In addition, we would like to thank the following, who have kindly given their permission for the use of copyright material: Bridgwater Mercury; Cambridge University Press; Consumers’ Association, London, UK; Fodor; Ladybird Books; The Mail on Sunday; Nicholson; Octopus Books; Rogers, Coleridge and White; Mary Underwood and Pauline Barr. (particular water), (C) Before common noun used in its widest sense. (Double comparison). For example, (K) With the cardinal points. To go to the beginners grammar lessons page, click here! If you want to progress or strengthen your knowledge of the English language, you absolutely must know the essential grammar rules, and this page contains all the keys to learn English at your own pace. Language changes all the time. (A) When we talk of a particular person or a thing as already mentioned,  known or under discussion. (ix) She is so weak a student that she can’t pass. (ii) We should brush our teeth two times a day. (some but all), (iv) There are few boys in the class. For example, (i) Man is mortal. For example, (iii) The tea of Assam is very famous. Do not use a or an with a plural noun. For Example. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (b) Before the language to signify nationality. (v) He is such a nice man that everybody likes him. Oxford Guide to English Grammar in PDF. The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern. (ii) The first and the second chapter are very difficult. The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern. x��]_s�8�w����)�C AL�|;��l���n���{P��E�2�3�|��n���(7��Ȣ�n��� ~�qu����ފ��Zܼ���ei����E& Download Rules of Articles In English Grammar With Examples PDF. We generally use either 'the' or 'no article' with geographical names in English. Articles with Geographical Names Download this explanation in PDF here. The use of a correct form in an unsuitable context, however, can interfere with understanding just as much as a mistake. (C) If there are two articles before ordinals, use singular noun. We have compiled complete information about Articles in English Grammar along with the practice questions and answers in PDF format for free download. (‘television’ is used as a set), (S) Before the name of professions used collectively. (E) When’A/An’ represents a weakened form of preposition ‘in’. (ii)  A journey by road is very confortable. Candidates can download rules of articles In English grammar with examples pdf file by clicking on below link. We are also grateful to John Algeo, Sharon Hilles and Thomas Lavelle for their contributions to the chapter on American English and to Rod Bolitho, Sheila Eastwood and Henry Widdowson for their help and advice. (used in general sense. (i) In summer, winter            +     in the summer season. Newspaper is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. Does that make it acceptable? Your email address will not be published. (II) Indefinite article is also used to express a class (in the sense of ‘any’) [Rule III (B)]. For example, (v) The cows are economically useful. Required fields are marked *. This fact sheet will not (iii) The Red revolution For example, (ii) God is omnipresent. Download Oxford guide to English grammar pdf. (i) Surdas is the Milton of India. ”, (J) Before ‘ hobbies, profession and sports’. For Example, (v) A dinner in honour of the president will be held. Note: The articles is not repeated with plural nouns, Verbs is plural form in the sentences given below in ‘C’.


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