Kim Newcomb, Chair web: Appointed by County Council: Box 217 Meetings: 1044; e-mail: Photo by David R. Herron. County Council, ex officio, serves as Board of License Commissioners, though a Council member may appoint a substitute. web: Sheri Robinson Hubbard, Councilmanic Dist. It is your responsibility to keep checking to see if your juror number is called for the remainder of the month. Dwight Cromwell; Charles Dayton, Jr.; Wendell Foxwell; Elizabeth Hill; Cindy Smith; Lin Spicer. Circuit Court. P. O. Philip W. Rice, President (chosen by Board in Dec., 1-year term), Councilmanic Dist. e-mail: BUILDING CODE APPEALS BOARD web: 5263 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 ROADS BOARD Elizabeth (Beth) Hill, Chair Box 444 web: Maryland at a Glance web: e-mail: For directions and parking information, visit the directions web page. e-mail: Maryland Manual On-Line web: District #3 Ricky Travers. e-mail: Frank Stout, Director (410) 228-5578 TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Councilman Travers attended Cambridge High School from which he graduated in 1974. web: e-mail:, CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSION PLANNING CIRCUIT COURT Appointed by Governor &/or elected by Voters to 15-year term (1 Judge): Brett W. Wilson, Circuit Administrative Judge (chosen by Chief Judge, Court of Appeals) & County Administrative Judge … Appointed by County Council web: The Dorchester County Public School system provides the eductional foundation for the county's children. Maryland Departments George Adams; Liz Burke; Jessica M. Dukes; Chico Simmons. 501 Court Lane, Cambridge, MD 21613 (410) 228-6222 Steven M. Mills, Chair (chosen by Council in Sept., 1-year term) 202-204 High St., Cambridge, MD 21613 (telephone & web claims only) 5435 Handley Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 AGRICULTURAL PRESERVATION ADVISORY BOARD Maryland Municipalities Brian Chester, Manager (410) 228-2920 BOARD OF RECREATION & PARKS RECREATION Appointed by County Council: PERMITS, INSPECTIONS, & LICENSING Appointed by County Council: Mary R. Elliott, C.R.N.P., Program Manager (410) 228-3294 Catherine McCulley, Chair web: 104 Tech Park Drive, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 3468 Cambridge Md 21817, 815 Center Street web: e-mail: Photo by Diane F. Evartt. Maryland Universities & Colleges 1022; e-mail: Representing Cambridge City Council: two vacancies Maryland Universities & Colleges Dwight Cromwell; Charles Dayton, Jr.; Wendell Foxwell; Elizabeth Hill; Cindy Smith; Lin Spicer. Representing County Council: George L. (Lenny) Pfeffer Jr. CAMBRIDGE-DORCHESTER REGIONAL AIRPORT Dorchester County Sanitary District, Inc. agent is Edward H. Nabb. DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE COUNCIL 303 Gay St., Cambridge, MD 21613 829 Fieldcrest Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 9423 Appointed by County Council to 4-year terms: Martin Brandes, M.D. Robert Larimer, Interim Chief (410) 221-0203 Paula Turner, Ed.D., Supervisor (410) 221-1111, ext. TRAFFIC SAFETY COMMITTEE 2002-2010 (map courtesy of Department of Planning). e-mail: e-mail: 5263 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 e-mail: 829 Fieldcrest Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 e-mail: Charles T. Cephas, Sr., 2021; James A. Pinkett, 2021; Daryl Butcher, 2022. web:, Beth Wilson, Administrator-in-Charge (410) 221-1111, ext. e-mail: Robert Larimer, Interim Chief (410) 221-0203 P. O. e-mail: e-mail: 1972 (map courtesy of Department of Planning). Richard Loeffler, President (chosen by Board in July, 1-year term), 2016 web: Stephen Garvin, Planner (410) 228-1818 627 Race St., Cambridge, MD 21613 - 0217 State's Attorneys Box 598 UNIFORM PATROL DIVISION, P. O. 5263 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, MD 21613 Appointed by County Council: Appointed by Governor to 4-year terms: Sharon Evans, 2015; Renee Landrum Hesson, 2015; Nancy Jackson, 2015; Deborah Coffin Kennedy, 2015; Calvin Travers, 2015; David W. Milligan, 2016; Wyrita Myster, 2016; Sandy Strauss, 2016; George R. Ames, Jr., 2017; Susan Durst, 2017; Tiffany Reaugh, 2017; Bernard R. Roetzel, 2017; Cyndi Slacum, 2017. John Cooney, Manager (410) 943-1700 Company Number assigned to this business is D02415206 and state of formation is Maryland. JOINT COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM Missy M. Gallagher, Librarian (410) 228-6300 4, 2022, Elected by Cambridge-South Dorchester High School in May to 1-year term: Helen Hutchinson, student (nonvoting), 2020, Elected by North Dorchester High School in May to 1-year term: Kyla Diggs, student (nonvoting), 2020, PUBLIC SCHOOLS NATURAL RESOURCES web: BOARD OF RECREATION & PARKS e-mail: Constance Elliott, 2022; Daniel Henry, 2022; Charlotte Lankford, 2022; David Owens, 2022.


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