These can be found on a wide variety of fish such as sturgeons, bowfin, and paddlefish just to name a few. Hi Gia-Gina,Buying fish in Italy must be really wonderful :) Let me clarify my post. What? You may not have noticed it on smaller cuts of salmon before. Fish scales have a healthy dosage of collagen in them. I've also found that the nice people behind the meat counter are generally clerks, not butchers and can offer no help at all on specific questions. It's so much easier to do when you have a whole fish. it's only easy when you have a whole fish and have a tail to hold it by. Can you imagine sitting through a meal where something hard was getting stuck in your teeth with every bite? So, to cut to the chase: You're right to expect this Helen, and I would have written the letter too :). So why am I writing this letter to. !Get those nasty scales and their accompanying slime outta here--before that fish ever even touches my plate, thank you very much!! I live in Sweden currently and I went to the fish monger and bought a whole side of salmon. I know that some people don't scale small scale fish. !.....Okay, I guess I'm learning a few things here about what a great big, diverse world it is out there that I DIDN'T know about before I read this the fact that ANYBODY in their right mind(s) would actually WANT salmon with scales left on it (because the scales are supposedly TASTY, or are otherwise somehow beneficial)! Therefore, any fish with scales is kosher. A spoon on the other hand does a fantastic job, as it simply slides under the scales and lifts them off the surface of the fish, as opposed to trying to cut them out.Again, I am just trying to help be a bit more informative and to learn from the wide gamut of human experience available on the web. It was a pretty bizarre thing to experience - these were not scales I'd be able to eat, and I've never bought a piece of fish that had scales on it (and I've never asked for it to be done - always assumed that my fish would already be de-scaled).De-scaling two flimsy fillets was a pretty annoying process (15 minutes to get every last scale - those things are sticky! Michelle assures me that all species of cod have cycloid scales, like most members of the Gadidae family. Just a bit of clarification on salmon. I can get 3 lbs of wild-caught, headed, gutted salmon sides at almost-supplier prices there, for the same as what I'm paying for 1 of these (2-plate, farmed salmon) meals. If you like to eat them, that's great. The ruling about kosher fish comes from Leviticus 11:9, “These you may eat of all that live in water; anything in water, whether in the seas or in the streams, that has fins and scales–these you may eat.”. Okay, so maybe there are some great nutritional properties to fish scales. We also never do it at home, and it's perfectly fine. By the time they reach their spawning grounds, their scales are very minute. Just wondering if there would be a difference in attention. Kosher Food: What Makes Food Kosher or Not. Imagine trying to have a nice conversation at dinnertime with fish scales finding room in your teeth upon every bite? Just because some people don't get that doesn't change the fact!Scales left on? I searched the web and found this post and now I feel somewhat better although my frustration has not subsided. Don't know what I can add that will further stress the point!In regards to those who actually DESIRE scales left on their salmon because they "taste good", or because they provide a "shield" that protects the meat when barbecuing, or for whatever other innocuouis reason that makes absolutely no good sense--I submit that it's possible that your palate has been so tainted all of your life by fish that actually is so vastly inferior in quality in ways that you have not yet even discerned that you have been rendered incompetent and unable to comprehend the folly of your preferences.


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