Horses and camels will typically stop instantly if they ride into the business end of a pike thrust. What these troops lack in raw power and defense, they more than make up for in speed. Players will constantly be luring foes, throwing bombs with precision, and resorting to hit-and-run tactics in order to fully master this class. The following is a list of playable unit types found in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. This class should be handled with care like all knife troops since they cannot withstand too much damage. Level 3 - Increased damage and time extension. They have few disadvantages compared to other normal mounted troops: slower speed, rarer on the battlefield, and the loss of a type advantage over axes for neutral coverage. Also, they are one of the few squads that do not have a natural disadvantage against horses and camels. Chakram units are ranged infantry squads that put more emphasis on indirect attacks than melee combat. Each unit type has a rock-paper-scissors relationship with other unit types. Mount Masher allows them to heavily damage cavalry units when used at the right moment. A rare variation of spear-type troops, these are mostly available by chance in the tavern after obtaining the necessary tome for their usage. Similar to single axes, these troops move fast and work more efficiently as a group. This skill can be used to cause panic within the enemy ranks, giving players more time to follow up with another volley or two. Here, the player can converse with other mercenaries, purchase equipment from a merchant, recruit squads which can be called upon at any time in battle, and accept contracts. Pike Thrust, their main source of damage output, is a short-duration skill that skewer foes that run into them. Their slow speed also hinders them from being too useful in taking over bases. Their skills are useful in delaying the enemy army's advance while awaiting for nearby troops to assist. This variation of the rapier class exchanges shields for an extra blade. Their fast hits help allow them to gain combos more easily. Chance of setting enemy on fire. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is a historical real-time tactics video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Note that every Base Commander unit is Sword & Shield. Level 3 - Increased damage. They also have the least amount of ammunition supply compared to other explosives users. Engineer conditions can be found on the old bladestorm board. Level 3 - Increased damage. Despite being a situational unit, longspears can easily gain levels by confronting hordes of mounted enemies. They line up with city gates, then attack them for several seconds. The player starts the game by creating a customizable mercenary character. [18] He said that "Fresh ideas can't save [the game] from mediocrity." Almost as fast as dagger-wielding units, these troops have the advantage of overtaking slower opponents and moving on to the next target. They do not directly damage city walls or gates, but can harm units on either side of them. Enables quicker refilling of the action gauge. Level 3 - Sustain time extension. When using two-handed clubs against cavalry units, it may be best to brace for their charge attacks or risk stopping them with a well-timed Earthquake attack. Players assume the role of a freelance commander with a group of mercenary units who can choose to align themselves with the French or English before each battle. [15] McCarthy said "It's...a very, very good videogame: another brilliant evolution of Koei's unique interpretation of the real-time strategy genre, and every bit as satisfying as previous efforts. Level 3 - Increased damage. The following units below have no support skills, no advantages or disadvantages against other types, cannot be leveled or recruited by the player, and only have one active skill with no default R1 attack. Level 3 - Enables quicker refilling of the action gauge. In the 14th century a quarrel over English succession to the French throne escalated into what history would call the Hundred Years' War. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is a historical real-time tactics video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. In addition, they level much faster than normal horse units. Each side also has a variety of skilled officers leading troops. Often seen in villages and minor forts, rapier and shields help neutralize the threat posed by halberds, axes, and clubs with their armor-piercing attacks. Level 2 - Increased damage and time extension. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War General FAQ by deathfisaro, Duneman, & john_h_rand (editor) depiguard-gamefaqs [at] john_h_rand [at] ----- Table of Contents: [General Information Q&A] [Specific Mission Information] [Control Schemes] [Creating Your Mercenary] [The Tavern Menu] [The Battle Field Menu] [Squad Types] [Unit Effectiveness] [Unit Icons] [Bladestorm] [Unit … Two of their skills help prolong their survival in battle while another enables them to break enemy defenses with ease. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War - Playstation 3 at Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Naturally, they cannot easily target bows and other disadvantageous types unless overleveled. Additionally, the cannonball itself deals damage in transit to the target zone. Heavy Fire deals powerful area-of-effect damage to a target zone near or far with 99 ammo, but it also harms friendly units within range. They have no arc, and pass through several units before stopping. A slower but more resilient version of spears. The game itself is quite repetitive, but it slowly introduces the complexities of it's rock-paper-scissors-etc combat and massive upgrade tree. Base commanders are sword and shield units in charge of defending a base. Their greatest defense is actually their swift offense which eliminates the need of them having a defensive skill so long as they are appropriately leveled. Level 2 - The enemy remains charmed longer. Players can stop a distance away from the enemy and use Pinpoint to snipe, or they can circle around the opposing force while attacking with Strafing Shot which has a chance of freezing targets when leveled up. They are the only mounted troops that have a type advantage over bows and horsebows. Special abilities operate on cooldowns. When fully upgraded, the Chakram skill can devastate foes as well as poison them. The story follows a large cast of characters both roughly historical and original. On the other hand, all crossbow units suffer from longer delay in their attacks and are not as fast as their bow counterparts. A stationary catapult designed to protect fortified areas from invading armies. Experience points can be used to upgrade the passive attributes and active abilities for those units.[5]. While not the strongest squad players can make use of, they have little difficulty eliminating spear troops who have a natural advantage to other melee types. Paired with Mighty Arm, their offensive attacks can also damage axes and halberds to moderate effect. Blast is an overhead auto-targeting skill, allowing each trooper to fire in a different direction as well as lowering defense temporarily. In spite of their good defensive traits, they are somewhat slower than most infantry units and have difficulty facing cavalry troops. They have two primary attack methods available. As all base captains are sword and shield units, spears have a natural advantage in capturing villages and early castles. Cannons move slowly, even when controlled by the player. It is highly recommended to have these units stay near a base or be disengaged from the player's character to refill their ammo. Allows movement while performing this action. This can be fixed by using Hurricane. Players should make generous use of their special attacks when surrounded by ranks of enemy troops. Not as slow or fragile as cannons, but much bulkier to move around with. Unlike most special battles, the player must choose a side. They also work well in raiding fortified cities and large castles. Beginners may have a hard time leveling this unit without confronting a swarm of enemies. This squad is the powerhouse class among all club troops. Therefore, constant conservation is a necessity when leading these troops into battle. A heavier variation of the crossbow, these units are stronger than their regular counterparts in terms of sheer power.


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