This item is not eligible for coupon discounts. * 25 ml.PENNYWORT (aka CICA) is an herb known to help soothe skin and boost elasticity. [98379694160,98431139920,98379956304,98380283984,98381660240], translation missing: en.layout.general.title, This lightweight, refreshing silky-textured eye cream floods fine lines with 26 hours of moisture, boosts elasticity, and increases. Pennywort (Tiger Grass): Also known as Centella Asiatica--This herb supports natural type-I collagen-synthesis. I use multiple products and I love how it makes my skin look. The skin under my eyes is smooth, hydrated and wrinkle free. Helps with: dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity, and fine lines/wrinkles, Comfrey Leaf: A deeply moisturizing herb that Scottish farmers used historically to hydrate their calloused hands. It leaves me feeling super hydrated and keeps my eyes from looking tired in the morning. Descriptive To see other great skin care products from Avon, be sure to check out my post on Avon Anew skin care products right here. The cream is light weight and my under eyes feel refreshed and moisturized. I've been using this eye cream for the past year and I love it! I enjoyed the moisture from the eye cream, but the light fragrance could be an issue for those who are sensitive towards fragrances. Really like that it's unscented and very lightweight too. Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb. I've never experienced anything like it. belif's key formula that keeps the skin healthy and delays the initial stage of skin aging with its antioxidizing, calming, and anti-blemish properties. As mentioned, I attempted to use this on several occasions to determine if it was an issue with it being used in combination with other products, or just an issue for me and this particular product. I received this sample product complimentary for testing purposes. Moisturizing eye bomb 26 hours of moisture around the eye area. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Descriptive I'm 32, oily skin but I don't care about wrinkles (I have none) but I do have puffy eyes and dark circles due insomnia, which this product has improved zero in at least 3 months of daily use. It contains pennywort herb, also known as gotu kola, which improves circulation, giving you that elastic and smooth look. Certain restrictions apply. I did like the hydration that this eye cream provided but I will not be using any more of this and will be going back to my go-to Kiehl's avocado eye cream. *Napiers original formula. All my contacts notice a change in my fave. I literally dip my fingertip into the container and use that small amount per eye and its plenty. All email subscribers get extra special treatment! The item you've selected was not added to your cart. However, I find that if it's placed in the refrigerator and applied in the morning, it provides a refreshing boost that's certain to wake you up! It looks great under make up and in addition smelled great. If you purchased online, return the product to Avon within 30 calendar days from the date stated on your receipt for your money back. I gently tap it around and under my eyes and give it a few minutes to absorb. belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb. I never had milia before, so seeing these small bumps all around my eyes was terrifying. Boosts elasticity on the outer and innermost layer of the skin's surface. I can only say it does what it is suppose to do and some...... belif is an amazing skincare line. *Based on a clinical study. For dryness, loss of elasticity and firmness.This lightweight, refreshing eye cream cools on contact and helps keep the eye area firm, resilient and smooth for crease-free makeup application.


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