Beer, sake, and shōchū are usually available. Find more Japanese words at! The name ATARI is in fact a Japanese word, but the company is most definitely American. Atari (Ta ch'ih) In Japanese, atari (Japanese: 当たり, あたり, or アタリ) is the nominalized form of ataru (当たる, あたる, or アタル) (verb), meaning "to hit the target" or "to receive something fortuitously". whiskering), but Atari is nothing more (and nothing less than) the more general term to encapsulate all of that fading goodness. 5.1 Verb; English Etymology . 4 Japanese. The Japanese buzzword for the most common and prevalent fading/creasing experienced. English words for 辺り include neighborhood, nearby, in the neighborhood and neighbourhood. 4.1 Romanization; 5 Latvian. Pronunciation . Carts open after sunset and close in the early morning. 1990 May 25: Jonathan Buss, Watanabe vs Buss, moves 15-17,, In … honeycombs), and along thighs (i.e. The evolution of the name ATARI is interesting and somewhat complicated. Find more Japanese words at! English words for 当てる include apply, hit, appropriate and apply a patch. Handles and seating fold into the cart while it is being transported. Atari was an American company. The word 'atari' is used in Japanese when a prediction comes true or when someone wins a lottery. They were … In Japanese, atari is the nominalized form of ataru (verb), meaning "to hit the target" or "to receive something fortuitously". A pushcart usually measures 3 by 2.5 meters. Borrowed from Japanese 当たり. IPA : /əˈtɑːˌɹi/ Noun . Vendors serve a variety of foods, from traditional Japanese cuisine such as ramen, gyoza, and tempura. アタリ Atari (no meaning) Been asked this question 3 times in the last 2 weeks. In the beginning, three friends, who knew each other from previously working at Ampex, decided to invent and market the first commercially feasible video game. For further reading about fading, see our previous article … It is quite often used in the expression, “sonkei ni atai suru”, which means ‘to deserve respect’ in Japanese. atari (plural atari or ataris or ataries) A move that threatens the immediate capture of one or more stones. Yatai are typically wooden carts on wheels, equipped with kitchen appliances and seating. In chess, the equivalent word would be check, before check-mate happens. Of course you will see more fading along seams, behind and in front of knees (i.e. The decision may or may not have been reinforced by the Japanese word 当たり atari which means something like “hit” or “strike” or “to be right.” Most Japanese people have never even heard of the old … Probably, it is well … Guess I should address it. masu – ます : an auxiliary verb put after a verb or auxiliary verb to make it polite. atai shi – 値し (あたいし) : one conjugation of the verb, “atai suru”, which means ‘to deserve’ in Japanese. To get to the root of it, we spoke with Ted Dabney, one of the founders. In the example, it has been conjugated for a better connection with its following word. The name was chosen at random (apparently).


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