He is eight. Tip for asparagus, peel or if they are thick enough run a knife down the side of the woody ends. Season with salt and pepper to taste. To see what I’ve suggested, scroll down to the bottom of the recipe. mmm… my mouth started watering when I read Oka! Would you recommend that? 1. used asiago, always have it on hand, rather than parm. After all, it turned out delicious! Thanks, Thank you! Dont forget the lemon. What another great way to add more vegetables to dinner – this is unbelievably creamy and delicious! This recipe was delicious. I keep some in the freezer so I can satisfy the cravings quickly! Next time I'm doubling the recipe. You deserve it. Easy to make and very light and elegant result. I know because I ate both bowls. Again, that was my bad. Highly recommend. I also added zucchini because I had one I needed to use. The parmesan makes it rich without adding thickener. The instructions were excellent, as usual. Bring to a boil, then cover and turn the heat down to low. Make sure it is fully mixed and heat on low to avoid overcooking the cream. Please enable javascript to get the best experience on Eat This Much. Maybe mine is more powerful as it pureed the soup pretty good. Don’t skip the lemon. My husband is a big fan of asparagus and he loved it. I used all but the hardest part of any stems. I will serve this as the first course at my upcoming tea party. The lemon tang helps the asparagus flavor explode. My husband turned up his nose a bit when I told him soup and salad for dinner and the soup was asparagus. We love your recipes and thank you for this fantastic supper! . Cheers to spring, and cheers to soup! You asked about omitting the bacon in this recipe–I’m confused because there is no bacon in the soup (or perhaps the emoji isn’t bacon and I need to change my lens prescription)! The shredded parmesan also provides beautiful strands in the soup. cup Thanks for sharing . Just excellent. How does this hold up if made a day ahead? It can be served hot, straight off the stove, or cold (if you manage to have any left over). What do you think? I gave all credit to Jenn. I just made this soup today and the only thing I changed was to add a carrot just because I had some. Was looking for a recipe to serve as an appetizer at our wine/dinner party and i have found it!! I’ve never had Asparagus soup before and I had my doubts. I also cooked the tips with rest of the veggies. So easy and delicious. It tasted fine. Thanks for sharing! I used an emulsion blender. I have just made this soup and it’s simply delicious. Can anyone help clarify? a member? It turned out amazing. Just finished making this as asparagus just showed up here (France) in the farmers market and the soup is fantastic. Where does Jenn give amounts of the carrots/celery/fennel to add to substitute for the onions? , Hi Jennifer, I’ve never held onto those pieces, but I think you could use along with other veggie remnants to make vegetable stock. Enjoy! Lol I made this last night and discovered the same about blender choice. Hi Allen, Sorry if you found the recipe confusing! I went with thyme I keep wanting a little more depth of flavor. I liked that this recipe limited itself to the clean and simple flavor of the asparagus, without distracting additions of garlic or other seasonings and it proved itself out. I followed the recipe without changing anything. Fantastic soup! Looks delicious What brand of immersion blender do you have/recommend? Sure, Sarah, that should work. This can be served without the Parmesan Cheese and lemon, but adding those takes this soup absolutely over the top. The soup was then beautifully smooth. Thank you! No parmesan. For my vegan friends I use vegetable broth. See the bottom of the recipe for freezer-friendly instructions. Can you tell me if the soup can be frozen? This one is terrific! I like that it doesn’t use flour to thicken it up. Sure, I think it would be delicious cold! Thankyou for a great recipe! Your asparagus soup recipe is one of my 50 and I am deeply appreciative. Why ruin soup with cream when you can taste the asparagus, light flavor of lemon and if you like, add the Parmesan cheese , but not too much.


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