(Somateria mollissima – Common Eider) Pinicola enucleator – Pine Grosbeak This exits at the entrance to Palos Park Woods North. Dendroica tigrina – Cape May Warbler Catharus fuscescens – Veery * Anas penelope – Eurasian Wigeon 2004. Charadrius semipalmatus – Semipalmated Plover Regular (expected annually; defined as the average number of individual birds per birding day, week, or month expected by an experienced observer under normal circumstances in the proper habitat at the optimum time of season): P= Permanent Residents (although wild birds are possible; look for clipped wing)AB = Abundant (30+ per day)VC = Very Common (10-30 per day)C= Common (3-10 per day)FC = Fairly Common (1-3 per day)U = Uncommon (2 per week to 1 per day)VU = Very Uncommon (3 per month to 2 per week)R = Rare (1-3 per month). The third warbler of my "Warbler Week" series is the American Redstart (Above), which is unlike most of the male warblers in that it isn't predominantly yellow and gray. Ixobrychus exilis – Least Bittern ST * Branta hutchinsii-Cackling Goose Stotz, D.F. (Tyrannus savanna – Fork-tailed Flycatcher), Lanius ludovicianus – Loggerhead Shrike ST * The creek is Chicagoland’s best location for Louisiana Waterthrush which attempts to nest here every year. 7:50-65. Lanius excubitor – Northern Shrike, Vireo griseus – White-eyed Vireo * (Aphelocoma sp. Larus delawarensis – Ring-billed Gull * Anthus spragueii – Sprague’s Pipit, Bombycilla garrulus – Bohemian Waxwing Rising and D.F. Anyway you look at it, the park’s high number of species is a remarkable feat. Larus marinus – Great Black-backed Gull Located on Kean Ave between 11900 st and Rt 83, there is a small parking lot that holds about 12 cars. Helmitheros vermivorum – Worm-eating Warbler * It’s a year round resident, common at backyard feeders throughout the state. Contopus virens – Eastern Wood-pewee * Carduelis tristis – American Goldfinch * Among standard measurements, the wing ch… 1910 South Griffith Drive True to its Halloween-themed color scheme, the redstart seems to startle its prey out of the foliage by flashing its strikingly patterned tail and wing feathers. (Sialia currucoides – Mountain Bluebird) A female American Redstart, Rock Cut State park, Rockford, IL; 5/20/2012. Ectopistes migratoriu – Passenger Pigeon (†) * Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus – Yellow-headed Blackbird SE * Cygnus buccinator – Trumpeter Swan X * Thank you! Circus cyaneus – Northern Harrier SE * This trail meets another trail that can take you either back to Kean Ave or you can hike west to the base of the old toboggan slides, now simply 124 steps used for serious exercise. The hike that I prefer is to walk from the parking lot NW to the bridge. just east of Twist Rd. Vireo solitarius – Blue-headed (Solitary) Vireo * Phasianus colchicus – Ring-necked Pheasant I *, Bonasa umbellus – Ruffed Grouse X, but reintroduced * Histrionicus histrionicus – Harlequin Duck (Sterna maxima – Royal Tern) Larus californica – California Gull Cistothorus palustris – Marsh Wren *, Regulus satrapa – Golden-crowned Kinglet (Synthliboramphus antiquus – Ancient Murrelet), Columba livia – Rock Pigeon * (Pagophila eburnea – Ivory Gull), Sterna nilotica – Gull-billed Tern) Free Stercorarius parasiticus – Parasitic Jaeger 20 pp. The next set of pictures provides a small sample of Illinois birds that can be seen year round as well as during the migratory seasons. Springfield, Illinois. Empidonax alnorum – Alder Flycatcher * An immature male has the same coloration as the female except the wing and tail patches are orange. Dendroica kirtlandii – Kirtland’s Warbler FE Illinois use to be a land of great plains, Over the years it has been converted for agriculture purposes. Icteria virens – Yellow-breasted Chat *, (Piranga flava – Hepatic Tanager) Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher all breed here. Recurvirostra americana – American Avocet, Tringa melanoleuca – Greater Yellowlegs 2002. Cathartes aura – Turkey Vulture *, Elanoides forficatus – Swallow-tailed Kite Geothlypis trichas – Common Yellowthroat * Low 33F. Deaton. 11(2):63-67. Sterna sandvicensis – Sandwich Tern) In the woods to the south-west of the east parking area (the entrance is just east/south of where Deer Path Ln intersects Old Mill Rd) Cerulean Warbler and Broad-winged Hawk have been found in summer. Aythya valisineria – Canvasback Illinois Birds and Birding. Ictina mississippiensis – Mississippi Kite SE * Oporornis philadelphia – Mourning Warbler * Numenius borealis – Eskimo Curlew FE The Eleventh Report of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee. Bubo virginianus – Great Horned Owl * Buteo platypterus – Broad-winged Hawk * (Spizella breweri – Brewer’s Sparrow) A quick layman’s look at a map and review of Illinois history reveals three important facts. Spizella arborea – American Tree Sparrow Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. 2003. Visitors to the state can easily add to their life’s list by photographing a few of the less well known grassland birds.


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