If the graphics had been closer to matching the quality of the arcade version it would have been worth getting for fans, but even those who love the arcade version will want to skip the PlayStation 2 release. The gameplay consists mainly of four different options. Players are given a set amount of time, but can ram into special vans that will add three seconds to the timer. The first port of the game was released on the Dreamcast. You can play in Parking mode to try the challenges without going through the race sections to practice your skills. Your big rig selection will make a difference in how the rig handles so don't be surprised if your driving style also changes depending on the rig. If you aren’t a fan of the arcade version and are new to 18 Wheeler, then I would definitely recommend this game as a rental. This however wasn't the case for Eighteen Wheeler as few changes were made in gameplay or graphics. You can ride the slipstream into greater speeds, often zooming well past Lizardtail (until the computer magically places him ahead of you). However, the game prompts the player when the gears need shifting, so it doesn’t affect gameplay when you are first getting used to the game. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker. But it’s Versus mode that helps the home version of 18 Wheeler be worth owning. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker is an arcade game developed by Sega AM2 and distributed by Sega. You can shave time off through shortcuts, but be careful of your driving; damage to your cargo reduces your score. If you’ve been to any large arcade in the last couple years you’ve probably seen it -- a mock-up of a big rig’s cab with a wide screen, huge steering wheel, and rumble effects in the seat. Sega followed up on the success of 18 Wheeler with a sequel, The King of Route 66, which was released in the arcades in 2002 and ported to the PlayStation 2. 18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker ist ein Spiel aus dem Genre Rennspiel. The basic premise is simple -- just select one of the over-the-top characters with a matching rig and take off down the highway to make your delivery time. The game was released in arcades in 2000 and ported to the Dreamcast in 2001. It also adds some serious speed to the game, which makes those boring stretches across the Arizona desert almost thrilling. The horn, as you may expect, gets traffic out of your way. The main thing that you’ll notice when playing is that the trucks just don’t feel powerful. You won’t find the experience quite the same as the arcade version, but you might be able to get close to the experience by sitting really close to your TV while sitting on a sub-woofer. Don’t feel guilty, they’ll be dropping boxes all over you too. Often, when developers re-release older titles, the games will at least get a face-lift if not new additions to the original gameplay. The Long Horn on the other hand is the toughest rig but also the slowest while the Stream Line rig has enough speed but may have a hard time plowing through obstacles. The attributes are spread across three categories: speed, torque, and toughness. Typically, players will overcompensate and swim their rig around the highway as if they were fishtailing on black ice. If this can be done in the time allotted, a bonus rig part like a new horn is given. 18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker ist ein Spiel aus dem Genre Rennspiel. Each option allows you to select one of four drivers each with different big rig attributes and personalities. Shifting may confuse the player at first. The main purpose of the game is to make it to the finish line with the truck's cargo. You may not want to spend $40 on 18 Wheeler, but you’ll be glad you rented it for $5. That struck me as backwards, especially in Versus mode. Crossing the finish line before the Lizard Tail yields additional money. You’ll be tearing up the highway, taking out cops, riding over dirt roads, houses, oncoming traffic... it’s a very wacky game done in the spirit of Crazy Taxi. I had to try it just to see what it was like. The only saving grace for this title is the fact that there still aren't enough GameCube games on the market so for those who are looking for some variety, this may be a way to get it. After Stage 1, the game gives the player a choice of trailer. Eighteen Wheeler is a truck simulator where the main goal in to deliver your cargo before another contending driver beats you to the delivery. Learning to slipstream is crucial to completing the game. The Dreamcast version is missing the sensory effects of a vibrating cabin to alert the player to the engine's stress. Damage him enough and not only will his semi start looking sorry, but you can even destroy his rig and remove him from the course. Once you get used to the non-arcade-like horn and the delay, you can sit back and beep innocent travelers into the path of Lizardtail. [29][30][31], AllGame gave the arcade version a score of three stars out of five and stated that it "does have a fairly thorough scoring system that some will take to, but it lacks the gameplay that great arcade titles such as Crazy Taxi possess. The Asphalt Cowboy big rig, for instance is more middle of the line in all three categories while the Highway Cat is more for speed but the torque is its Achilles heel. In fact, there’s even a crane for some serious hurting, but it’s difficult to control. Appears in: 2 games . The trick is in not taking on damage -- get there with minimum damage and get maximum pay. After Stage 1, the game gives the player a choice of trailer. Ich möchte auf dem Laufenden bleiben. There are special vehicles that you can ram into that will add three seconds to your time.


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